I’m loving the discussion on yesterday’s post!

What’s new with me? I have officially finished my paper and one final! I spent 3 hours doing my Bibliography…so that was fun. I just have one more final! But it’s not until Wednesday. Also new is that I’m super sore. From what, you ask? I’m working on perfecting the 11 minute workout. Seriously.

Thursday night I went to the gym for an 11 minute strength workout. Seriously, from when I started my warm up to when I left the gym, 27 minutes. And I was messing around a bit so it could have easily been 20 minutes, including squat warm ups.

The workout? 8 minutes-2 squats every 30 seconds. Squats at 80% of my one rep max. I used to do this with my trainer way back when, and I’ve done it on my own quite a bit, but I’ve gone up a lot of weight recently since my new one rep max is way higher! It was really tough, and I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners because it’s really easy to slip into bad form! I followed that with 3 sets of 1 minute of planks with a plate on my back. And here I am, Saturday night, still super sore from it. I think this whole 8 minute thing might be a great way to fit strength into my busy schedule this summer. It’s something quick to tag onto the beginning or end of the day to build strength without sacrificing too much time!

On the no sugar front, I’m wrapping up Day 6. I’m currently craving gourmet ice cream, although I think it’s much more of an emotional than a physical craving at this point! Here’s some of the things I’ve been eating:

Dining hall breakfast: egg sandwich with jalapeño cream cheese and a berry beet smoothie, plus part of a biscuit.



Lots and lots and lots of bananas with sunflower seed butter. I have basically no food in my room except for this so basically every snack for the past week has been this.



Totally artsy, right??

Also leftovers from the freezer-chicken, mashed sweet potato, and broccoli.



And dinner from Whole Foods. I had to go to Whole Foods because there is a gourmet ice cream shop inside (Smitten) and I needed to get a gift card. So I got to walk into Smitten and not get ice cream…I think I’m about ready for this no sugar thing to end-haha! Not sure when I plan to do that though. I was originally thinking tomorrow but we shall see! I feel really great. I’ve been eating SO MUCH FOOD this week and I’m still down a few pounds so that’s pretty cool.

Dinner was turkey apricot stew, a roll, and pineapple carrot juice-which is delicious!



That’s all for tonight. I have a plethora of post ideas and I should get some good pictures soon-tomorrow I’m going to run with Crossfit in San Francisco!


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  1. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    Man your dining hall food is so much better than ours!

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