Guys, I think I’m losing my mind again. I’m having my typical mid-quarter crisis. This is different than my usual one-normally it’s something like “I’m not good enough for this” and “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.” This time, it’s more of “I don’t know what I’m doing with my time,” and “I need other non-academic goals.” So I spent a lot of time pondering my life and my free time, and deciding what I should be doing with my non-academic life. Suggestions would be welcome. So far all I’ve come up with is I need to think more and that maybe I should sign up for a 5k before I go to DC this summer to try and finally PR. I guess I just kind of feel lost-in high school, I played softball ALL THE TIME. I had goals, and I worked hard for them. And now…I don’t know what I have! I need something to work towards! Something with structure-something I can accomplish! Google suggested I learn web design. Maybe… In other, less delirious things, I FINALLY went to the Farmer’s Market today. I didn’t get that many things though. A few Asian pears, and dried persimmons. The oranges were also really good, but we get them in our CSA box, so I figured I would pass.


I did get this carrot cake muffin though. Whole wheat, and free of refined sugar! And more importantly-no nuts! Although I think I sort of freaked out the person giving out free samples. She handed me something with maybe a single nut in it, and asked if I could eat nuts. To which I responded, “Not in large quantities.” Probably not the best thing to tell someone…. My only other food picture of the day was taken at dinner.


Some type of spinach pastry thing, sweet potatoes, and cabbage salad. Over dinner with my friend, I discussed other potential goals for me to do with my life. We talked about trying to eat 300g of fiber everyday…or becoming a carrotarian, and eating nothing but mass quantities of roasted carrots. Somehow that idea didn’t win… Today ended up being a rest day on the workout front. I took a pretty intense nap-does that count? I think it was much needed! Now, however, it is time to return to studying for a Bio test tomorrow. Have a great Monday!

4 comments on “Typical Mid-Quarter Crisis

  1. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    That orange muffin looks delicious! I might have to recreate something similar at home :D.

    As for as your mid-quarter crisis goes, maybe try picking up a new hobby? I don’t have a bunch of free time this year (this year for biology majors is our hell year), so I devote most of my free time to blog work. I’m not the best person to ask hahah!

    Art? Cooking (I’m biased with this one)? Crafting? Volunteering? The world is your oyster!

    1. astottler Post author

      My year is really weird in that the first 2 quarters were hell…and then this quarter hardly any of the required classes are offered so my schedule is so much less BIO/CHEM/PHYSICS/GAH! I’m kind of at a loss! Not that I miss all that Chemistry though! I’ll have to try out some new hobbies for sure!

    1. astottler Post author

      I really do! I’m thinking maybe a fast 5k to gain speed before half training this summer?

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