Happy Earth Day! Did everyone realize it was Earth Day? I would have totally forgotten if it weren’t for several Earth Day Celebrations around campus. In honor of Mother Earth, let’s go through some Earth Day eats, shall we? As always, a huge THANKS to Jenn for hosting!


Also, you will have to excuse me for my mind is mush. I just spent 3 hours typing away on a paper, and I’ve spent about 6 hours total today alone on it. But it is done! Yay! And it was a super cool topic that I loved researching-the effect of exercise on recovery from drug addiction. If anyone is interested in this, let me know and I can talk more about it or provide links!

My morning started off with a KIND bar before spin. Normally I don’t eat before Spin, but I was starving so I went for it!

After spin?


While sure, the designs that have been decorating my milk foam lately are cute, nothing compares to the flavor of unadulterated milk foam.

Then, it was time for Operation Eat All the Eggs part 2. This morning, I mashed up a couple of eggs with a triangle of garlic and herb laughing cow, and served it with a mango.





Nothing too crazy to share from the middle of the day except this fun fruit snacks I received in my Easter basket. I regret not brining more than 2 back to school with me!


They made the perfect pre-workout fuel, when paired with an egg!

I had planned on going to Crossfit tonight, but because of the aforementioned paper due tonight at 11:59pm, I wanted something quicker. I randomly remembered the Nike Training Center app I downloaded a few months ago and never tried. I decided to try and advanced cardio workout, which used minimal equipment and included lots of jumps. I want to work on plyos/agility/sprints more so this was perfect. I really liked the workout-my quads were burning in a way they haven’t in a while from all the jumping! If anyone is interested, I did the Heartthrob. I have to say though, the practicality of using a app was not necessarily there. I don’t have my phone armband with me…so I was holding my phone with my headphones and instructions. And my headphones kept getting involved in my jumps. Plus, I would have loved more space. I think in the future, I’d skip the medicine ball (which I only used for like 1 movement) and take this workout outside, where I’d have more space and where I could blast it out loud without having to hold it or have headphones. And I think this would be absolutely amazing paired with some sprints (which I also really should work on). And now it sounds like I’m talking about fine wine…

The app talks to you while you workout, telling you how much time/what exercise/etc. But it also gives encouragement, which I found sort of funny because a very monotone, sort of computer sounding voice kept saying things like “Fight through the pain.” Seriously, I think my GPS has more animation! I will definitely be using it again though!

I didn’t realize the dining halls were doing anything special for Earth Day until I saw a Facebook post of some of the food they posted (yes, I am friends with my school’s dining hall on Facebook-that just about describes my life). I didn’t realize it was a huge event, but I ended up going with some friends anyway in the hopes of better than normal food.

This dinner experience literally made my life. IMG_7398

There were plants everywhere, and special booths set up giving out free food samples, fresh herbs and strawberries, and even seedlings!


And there were piles and piles of salads-salads as far as the eye could see. My favorite was the beet and goat cheese-the goat cheese was so soft and creamy! And I appreciated that none of the salads had nuts! Also a highlight was some delicious, actually cooked and seasoned cauliflower! Without a doubt the best meal at this dining hall ever.


Sadly, you can’t see in this picture, but I picked up a bunch of fresh mint (although it wilted pretty fast!) which I intend to throw in a smoothie later this week!

I also sampled a little whole wheat, mustard greens filled tart which was delicious.


While I was contemplating a fresh, local, organic ice cream sandwich, I somehow got pulled into the “Trash-ion Show” which was a contest to build the best outfit out of trash or discarded materials. I took the matter at hand very seriously, and spent a majority of the time fashioning an attractive and structurally sound hat out of leaves and a plastic basket. I thought our finished product was fantastic-we had a nice little matching ribbon thing going there!-and apparently the judges did as well-we won!




Besides the glory of victory, each member of my team received a super fancy trophy and an amazing gift basket!

IMG_7404 IMG_7407



The gift basket included all kinds of organic goodies like apple chips, pasta, almond milk, and Annie’s pretzel bunnies. I’m also pretty excited for the basket, not going to lie. Think of how many mangoes that thing can fit! Mango shopping clearly needs to happen soon.

To celebrate my victory, I split an ice cream sandwich with a friend.IMG_7406

On the way out, there was a table giving out baby plants. And you know I’m not one to pass up on that! I think this guy is a little baby Oregano, but I’m not sure!


He has found a new, probably temporary home with my big old plumeria!


Aaaand now I’m off to an early night’s sleep. Well, relatively at least!

How did you celebrate Earth Day?








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  1. Leigha @ Minougirl

    um.. seriously?! you school did this for earth day??! so cool!!! and that is awesome that you guys won the contest. gift baskets with food are the best!

    1. astottler Post author

      Aren’t they??

  2. ChickGettinFit

    I cant believe your school did the ginormous salad buffet for Earth Day. That is so amazing and so delicious! I can only hope my school does that next year.

    1. astottler Post author

      I hope so too! It was a lot of fun, and I’ll take any excuse for giant salads!

  3. Marina @ Lazy for Diet

    I am again convinced that your school so cool. At you and in usual days the quite good menu (from this that you show) but these delightful salads… Whether accept to you foreigners 😀

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