Hey guys! How are you feeling? I’m feeling sore. My achilles was in a lot of pain this morning but that seems to be fading, but my QUADS are super sore. And thanks to my magic compression socks, my calves are fine. However, biking around wasn’t the most fun thing in the world this morning.

Clearly I did not do a morning workout! I slept in and it was fabulous. I think I’m still behind on sleep though because I needed an afternoon nap as well!

Breakfast was a classic-overnight oats. It was super thick though. I think I need more liquid next time!

IMG_7299Oats, plain yogurt, chia seeds, dried cranberries, and apple. Topped with very thoroughly cooked berries!

So, something strange and frustrating happened this morning. I lost my turkey. I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE while I was making my lunch, and I was rely angry because that meant it had likely gotten lost in transit and it was a lot of nice turkey that was going to make up quite a few of this week’s meals!

Well, this afternoon I found it. I somehow managed to throw it away this morning in the process of looking for it. It was actually still kinda cold! But I think I’m getting new turkey…SO frustrating though! At least it wasn’t sitting in my car all day today like I was worried it was!

Lunch was supposed to be a Chef’s salad, but without turkey it was just kind of a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, and avocado.

IMG_7300Still good, but would have been better with turkey.

So, this quarter I’m in Spanish 3. The class is entirely in Spanish. Which is fine, except I have Bio 10 minutes afterward, and it’s surprisingly confusing to have to switch around the way that I think. It’s funny because when I take Spanish, I definitely think in Spanish a lot.

Snack was carrots with a beautiful pool of sunflower seed butter.

IMG_7303And dinner was dining hall food. Not too shabby today-some type of Mexican seasoned chicken, salad, and my new favorite combo thanks to last week’s breakfasts: quinoa and sunflower seeds! Seriously-you need to try this!

IMG_7305And dessert-a Honey Oats and Coconut KIND bar. I’m really excited that KIND has come out with these new, nut-free granola bars! This one only has 7g of sugar!


IMG_7306And now onto today’s topic-living the self hosted life.

In summary: I don’t like it so far. Sure, I have more theme and style options. I got search engine optimization, which I’m still working on setting up. Fun fact-one of my top searches last week was “items made in the year 1842.” Ummm ok? Clearly need to work on that optimization!

I know there are more benefits-does anyone have any specific suggestions for me?

Now the cons. My number one annoyance right now is spam. I have to filter it myself, and there’s a whole lot more than I thought. And some things I have to make a decision about whether or not are spam. It’s a pain. And I still get email notifications about every spam comment which I really should turn off.

Next problem-is it just me or does my blog take forever to load? It was taking FOREVER to load the other day. And then my pictures came up black and I started freaking out. Until I realized it was my computer that sometimes likes to spaz out and freeze up when I go on the Internet. So maybe it doesn’t take forever to load for you guys and it’s just me? Let me know!

Last problem-I’m not sure how the transfer affects different blog reader sites, so I’m fairly certain I’ve lost readers as a result. For a while, the new posts weren’t coming up on Bloglovin if you followed my wordpress.com account, but now they are and as a result I see 3 Fitness is Sweet posts on my Bloglovin reader every time I post so I can tell it’s working!

So what do you guys think about self hosting-like, love, or hate it?






10 comments on “Living the Self Hosted Life

  1. Miranda

    Girl your layout is all over the place! Your text goes all the way across the page (like behind your picture and farther) and your pictures are ginormous. Just letting you know!

    1. astottler Post author

      Thank you! What do you mean by going behind the picture? From my computer the text doesn’t look different than before!

  2. Beth @ The Small Victories

    1. Your site loaded perfectly fine for me!
    2. Bloglovin’ didn’t like you for a few days but now your posts show up fine.
    3. For the spam problem–connect this site to your wordpress.com account using Jetpack. After you do that, you can obtain an Akismet API key and from then on use Akismet to filter spam. (It’s the same program that wordpress.com uses.)

    Personally, I like being self-hosted. Sometimes it’s an absolute PAIN to deal with, but I love being able to customize my blog to look and function exactly how I want, and not have to settle for something that’s not really what I want but is the best option available to me. (It’s especially nice if you know some basic HTML/CSS–you can literally do pretty much anything.)

    1. Beth @ The Small Victories

      Oh, and I forgot to say–congrats on taking a huge step and going self-hosted! Love how it all looks. 🙂

      1. astottler Post author

        Thanks 🙂

    2. astottler Post author

      Thank you so much! I’ll definitely try that. And I do love the feeling of independence!

  3. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    Self hosting is awesome if you are computer savvy and know what you’re doing!

    1. astottler Post author

      Haha, I’m still working on the whole “know what you’re doing” part!

  4. Marina @ Lazy for Diet

    Your site is loaded a little slowly, but it can be problems with my computer… So everything is good 😉 And as always, there is a lot of good food! I too the student and I so want your dining room. At us not to find healthy options 🙁

    1. astottler Post author

      It’s so frustrating when there aren’t good options!

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