Hey guys! The new site appears to be up and MOSTLY running! As long as, you know, you don’t want to click on any of my old links…so it’s still a work in progress! I apologize and hope that everything will be resolved soon!

In the meantime, let’s celebrate that start of a new week with MIMM!




IMG_7159Leftover chicken breast, sweet potato, and cumin roasted cauliflower.

IMG_7172Cauliflower crust pizza. It was good but it didn’t really resemble pizza in the sense that it had to be eaten with a fork!

IMG_7173Mixed berry fruit tart. We tried a sample at the grocery store and had to get some!

IMG_7196Friday night after 14.5, my mom and I planned to go to the Giant’s game but it was a pre-season game and the weather didn’t seem like it would be that nice so we opted to stay at home and watch the Veronica Mars movie (I really liked it!) and get Mexican take out. I got my usual Teriyaki Tacos, and whipped up some homemade guac to go on the side!

IMG_7198While I couldn’t get a pretty picture of this, it was definitely a highlight. I finally tried banana “ice cream”, which was simply frozen banana blended until completely creamy. I had to make use of my Vitamix while I was home, and this put it to the test!

Verdict? AMAZING. I added a touch of vanilla and butterscotch extracts and it was divine. I also made a little chocolate swirl out of more banana, cocoa powder, and coconut oil.

IMG_7215Quesadillas with mozzarella, tomato, and avocado with bruscetta and a side of butternut squash soup. Since Ashley is constantly posting melty, cheesy goodness with avocado inside, I just had to try it out!

Other marvelousness: spending some quality time with my little kitty! And learning that Claritin actually works pretty well. My allergies didn’t get to me until the last night!



Marvelous is a beautiful hike with friends. Yes, another hike.

IMG_7180 IMG_7182 IMG_7184 IMG_7185 IMG_7186 IMG_7187 IMG_7188 IMG_7191 IMG_71931965049_10203488336388633_1117408785_n


 What is Marvelous in your Monday?



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