Hey guys! I’ve been studying all day, so I’m pretty sure that deserves a break for blogging! Since I’m a blogger and I do Crossfit, and this is the Crossfit Open, I feel it’s my duty to recap 14.3. 


Deadlifts+box jumps. The amount of weight and reps increased for the deadliest on each set. 

There was actually a fair amount of strategy in this workout-since we had to change the weights between sets, we had to decided which selection of weights would be most efficient. I chose to use a 45 pound bar and start with 25s, and then swap those out for 45s, and then add 10s, and then 15s. 

The second strategy was box jumps vs. step ups. I chose step ups. They are much faster for me, and definitely less tiring. 

My goal was to make it into the round at 185, and I did! I ended up getting 7 reps at that weight before I ran out of time. And I’m pretty sure I made some less than pretty faces while doing it!

A lot of people were concerned about the safety of this workout, especially for the general population of Crossfitters (people who aren’t top competitors). It’s very possible to hurt your back on deadlifts if your form is off, and with increasingly heavy weight and more reps as you get more fatigued, this is definitely a possibility. Also, box jumps and deadlifts tire out similar muscle groups, which could lead to missing box jumps (which can result in injury).

This workout was a lot different from last week’s. Last week was all cardio with burn, but this week was all strength!

My lower back is a tad sore, but it’s just muscle soreness not injury, and I usually get a bit sore there from deadlifts. I’m not sure if I’m going to run 12 miles tomorrow or not however. 

There are several reasons I may push it until Tuesday:

1. I have 2 finals on Monday. 12 miles takes about 2 hours for the run alone. Do the math.

2. Running with sore hamstrings/lower back kind of stinks. 

3. My calf has been feeling kind of off lately and it makes me nervous.

4. All my compression socks are dirty, and I don’t have time to do laundry until Monday. Although re-wearing them with feet that have just run 12 miles isn’t the worst thing in the world. 

So we’ll see what happens!


4 comments on “14.3

  1. smilemilegirl

    WOW. That’s amazing. You are so strong!!

    Don’t push yourself through the 12 miles- if you’re going to run it better a day later, with less stress and a well rested body- then my vote is wait!! 🙂

    1. Aurora

      I decided to wait until my two Monday exams are over! I’m going to do it Tuesday!

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