So…college is hard. I would absolutely love more sleep, but during week 8, that doesn’t always happen. Week 8 is something only quarter system students can truly appreciate. And yes, everyone knows exactly what week it is and the perils of each week. Thank goodness for a little foodie break! Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting this mid-week party!



I’ve had some delicious food in the last couple of days. You’ll notice that nothing is from Tuesday…I’m planning a day in the life post for that day! So-here we go!


A dining hall breakfast of COFFEE, plain Greek yogurt with fruit and granola, and a few bites of steel cut oats because our dining hall has them and I’ve never tried them. 


It was Parent’s Weekend last weekend. Which meant a large vegetable delivery. And a delicious lunch out.


A panini with avocado, cheese, and tomato on whole grain bread. Take a second to look at that beauty,


Lots of roasted veggies for snack/dinner. The brussels sprouts are sesame brussels from PaleOMG. They have a curry dipping sauce, which I liked the flavor of, but I think next time I’d try it with a lighter base, such as avocado, or greek yogurt.

And since I had all those veggies for snack and after Crossfit I needed to go to the store and I just HAPPENED to find a parking spot in front of my favorite ice cream place….yeah, this was necessary!


Sunday was my long run day, now that I’m officially in half training! Since I AM officially in half training, I think it’s time to take my pre run meals more seriously. I’ve kind of been just eating whatever before them…I had some banana blueberry oats with sunflower seed butter.


Which took a long time to digest….and then I got brunch….and then another snack…so I didn’t start my run until around 5. It was 8 miles, and it went surprisingly well. My feet hated me, but that’s that…I’m trying to keep my paces on my long runs below 10:00 as much as possible, unless there are crazy hills so I was right on track!


Sunday night after a long couple of hours of sorority requirements, I was talking to my sister and she said “You sound like you need a boba.” So we drove to her newest favorite place, and I had a jasmine milk tea. Sometimes you do need a late night boba!


Monday morning I thought it would be a fabulous idea to do a track workout, despite my long run being Sunday. Which is another way of saying I didn’t think. My legs were definitely a little heavy, so that schedule is going to have to change as my long runs get longer! For breakfast, I had a yogurt bowl, plus half a lemon zest pancake because I really wanted to try it. It was good! But subtle.


I had some leftover oatmeal from Sunday morning, so I brought a little with me to put on top of my yogurt bowl for some extra flavor and texture.


I must be channeling my inner Ashley– not only did I have an avocado and cheese panini, but I also made a Mexican style lunch with sweet potato, asparagus, cottage cheese, salsa, and guacamole. All in tupperware with a kiwi.


That’s a small step up from eating out of a plastic bag, right?

Have a great week everybody!

What’s one of your favorite food combos right now?

7 comments on “WIAW-College is Hard

  1. Miranda @ Loving Every Mile

    I definitely thought that those carrots were slimy pretzel sticks. Haha! I was a little grossed out 😉

    1. Aurora

      Haha! Ew!

  2. Ashley @MilesonOats

    Where is MY half of that lemon zest pancake?! Feel free to express it over to AZ, zip lock baggie and all 😉 I am so happy you enjoyed your version of the Mexican bowl : D I’s so satisfying right?! I basically deconstructed it the other night and made “nachos” with the sweet potato slices, it was heavenly.

    I had a roasted carrot the size of my face last night with my avocado pannini. For some reason I prefer my carrots roasted now vs. raw, they just taste different right?!

    1. Aurora

      Totally different! And sweet potato nachos are awesome. I’m just sad I’m out of guacamole/avocado because I know it just won’t be the same if I make the same bowl without the guac!

  3. Single-Tracked Mind

    I miss college! One of my favorite food combos is pretzels covered in dark chocolate. The salty + sweet combo is a winner!

  4. Ashley @ Married to the Game

    Are those carrot fries in the bag?! I can’t get enough of them. I’m making carrot fries for dinner tonight.

  5. Bree

    A lemon zest pancake has my name written all over it…must remember to make some variation when I actually have a kitchen!

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