Hey guys! Happy weekend! I’m currently trying to learn chem as well as do laundry and clean up quite a bit.

If you’re wondering about the title of this post…it’s in regards to my half training. I seem to have been a good 3 weeks off in my concept of time when I was looking at my training plan. Well guess what-I’m now 10 weeks out! So technically I should be starting. I’m glad I cleared that up! I made a training for 5k plan a few days ago to work on speed, and I think it should fit in pretty well with the half training starting because I already built in some longer runs. I’m glad I realized this now though!
I’m happy to report that my stomach and hunger levels are pretty much totally back to normal now! Yesterday morning I woke up STARVING so I ate some dates before a quick workout-an easy 2 miles and abs. Afterwards I was deathly hungry. Like insanely hunger. My hunger was off the charts all day, so I did the most logical thing-I ate!


This breakfast was scarfed down in about 2 seconds. I’m still not a fan of dining hall eggs though-for some reason I always feel kind of gross after eating them. I got plain scrambled eggs, and then topped them with melted cheese cubes and spinach. Plus a side of pineapple. I am also happy to report that I’m totally well rested right now! I’ve had very little caffeine this week!

No pictures of lunch because somehow I found myself without my phone. I know, GASP. It was rough. I also went to Bio major advising and need to take the necessary steps for declaring.

A big score though was going to the campus market which uses meal plan dollars and getting eggs, milk, and BOWLS. And silverware! Yay!

I’m sure I ate more throughout the afternoon that is unpictured. I had kombucha, which made my stomach feel 100%.

In the evening, I went to a yoga class, which was totally awesome! I’m actually a little sore from all the hamstring work!

After yoga, my roommate and I made a Whole Foods trip. Did I mention I had been ravenous all day?


This plate was possibly the best thing ever. Indian dishes over rice, and falafel and hummus over salad. So epic close ups were needed.


Plus, we way stocked up for the week! We got a couple of fancy cheeses, plus some meal foods and yogurt. And more sunflower seed butter!

We got so caught up in Whole Foods that we ended up being there for 2 hours. And being an hour late to a sorority event. Whoops! Priorities though, right?


(If anyone is wondering, I’m possibly the worst person ever at taking selfies….As in, it took a good 5 minutes to actually get the picture to take.)

One big highlight of the Whole Foods trip was this find:


Raw chocolate-sweetned with coconut sugar. We decided it would work well for our weekly sweet. SO GOOD. It wasn’t too sweet, but so, so delicious.


This morning, I decided to do another blood sugar test, out of curiosity and because I would like more than just 2 readings over the course of the project. Forget everything I said about worrying this wouldn’t work. My fasting blood sugar was WAY lower than last time. Last week, after just a week of the Project, it was on the high end of the health range. Now, it’s right around the low end! I know there probably is some variability, but this is better than it was even back in high school before cookies were lurking at every corner (I think i’ve had opportunities for cookies every single day of the project so far…) I’m really excited about this! What’s most amazing to me though is my feet-the weird numbness/pain/inflammation when I run is gone-although the true test will be when I start longer distance running again.

In terms of weight, I definitely am down some, but it’s probably partly because I definitely ate a lot the weekend before I started, plus flushing out sugar and carbs. I guess the true test will be how I feel tomorrow in my race!

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs a la microwave. Which came out amazingly well! So much better than dining hall eggs. Plus some fancy cheese-this was a type of manchego.


And an amazing orange.


After breakfast, I went to watch a Quidditch game, since I’m training them and all that!

Just so you guys can get a taste for what it’s like, I took a few photos:


Since my parents were there watching as well, they took me out to lunch afterwards.

I started with a decaf cappuccino:IMG_6457

And then my mom and I split a gouda arepa and a salad with chicken, avocado, gouda, and olives.

IMG_6458 IMG_6459And once back in my room, I tried making some homemade chocolate with ground cacao, instead of cocoa powder. It was a lot different-much deeper and richer!



That’s all I have for you today! I’ll be back tomorrow with a race recap 🙂

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  1. Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life

    I have a love-hate relationship with ravenous days. Love because I eat so much FOOD and it’s so good! Hate because, well, I eat so much food! Haha! 😉 PS I totally get caught up in grocery shopping at certain stores too… I could easily spend 2+ hours at Trader Joes!

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