Hey guys! WHEW. I swear this is the first free minute I’ve had all day-I’ve been running around like crazy since 7am! 

The morning began by teaching weight lifting to quidditch. The only bad thing was that right now we have 2 days they can come, and only 3 people showed up today, which means tomorrow may be kinda crazy. The focus today was upper body and core-the main lift was push presses. I doubt they’ll be as sore as last week! I also taught them forrest rowing form for the conditioning portion of the workout. 

After that, I rushed out to squeeze in a run. Fun fact-I’ve never actually done a tempo run before! It’s been on the schedule but it just never happened. I was planning on a 4 mile loop, with 2 miles at 8:00 in the middle. However, things don’t always go as planned. My legs felt heavy at the start, and when I tried to speed it up after the first mile, it just wasn’t happening. I ended up up waiting about .8 miles more when it was completely flat/slightly downhill (instead of slightly uphill) and just do a mile of tempo, since it is my first tempo run, after all. I was able to hold pace and felt pretty good! Things don’t always go as planned, but we have to adjust! My pace was so much better on the part after the tempo run though-interesting. While my heels felt pretty good, the ball of my foot went numb and hurt and it kind of felt like I had bricks attached to my feet….

By the time I got back, I had zero time. Breakfast was prepared the night before-yay for overnight oats!


I made them with raspberry goat milk yogurt-it’s interesting, I could really taste the goat-y-ness. (In a good way-it had that creamy tang of goat cheese.)

And then rushed to class. With zero time-nothing like being late to class to motivate you to bike insanely fast!

Straight after class, I ate my packed lunch and got some studying in.


Yay for leftovers! Leftover egg salad, leftover cucumbers and whipped cream cheese. Our mayonnaise that we made the egg salad with is actually super fancy-it’s “spooning” mayonnaise. I’m pretty sure someone would have to pay me a whole lot of money to convince me to eat mayonnaise with a spoon-but we had to get it because my roommate is allergic to canola oil, and the non-canola oil options were limited. 

I also thawed out some more mashed sweet potatoes, and added them at lunchtime.


Then it was off to class-and immediately after class I had to rush to my home gym to do one last spin workout on their bikes-the bikes at school are a little weird and I wanted to practice my playlist at least once on them before I cancel my gym membership. If you’re keeping count, that’s 4 times I’ve practiced this same playlist in the last week. 4 hours of spin, plus biking a ton (an especially large amount thanks to a broken car), after not biking around for a few weeks means my rear end is pretty much shot. 

And I have to say, while I didn’t hate it the last time, I definitely liked the playlist more the first time!

After Spin, my car’s engine sounded weird and the check engine light came back on-so it looks like I’m going to be without a car for the second time in as many weeks!

Back in my room, I threw together a super fast dinner from the fridge-more leftover egg salad, plus tomato soup with tons of cheddar.


Plus a Cocoa Coconut bar for dessert(/protein?).


Everything was consumed super fast-then I had to tune my violin. It was remarkably not terrible after sitting in a closet for 3 years! But I wanted the embarrassment of how out of tune it was to be in the safety of my dorm room, not in front of a whole bunch of musicians.

Mariachi was super fun! I’m definitely rusty on the violin, but it wasn’t terrible. It was kind of frustrating because the difficulty of the songs I used to play was much higher than this music, yet my fingers/brain connection is just not there yet! The whole class is conducted in Spanish-another thing it’s been a couple of years since I’ve done! While I didn’t understand everything, I understood enough, and I’m really excited to be speaking it again. 

And that brings us to now-the few minutes I have before going to my sorority meeting. While it was a packed day, it was also a good one. And while I could definitely use more sleep, I’m managing. 

One thing there was a question about, which I totally forgot to mention-my project will begin next Monday. I want to to plan/prepare/shop. And I need to look into buying blood glucose tests, and if that’s reasonable, or how much I can actually tell from that. 

Have a great week everybody!

Crazy days-love them or hate them?

9 comments on “Salsa-ing Around All Day

  1. Marina @ Lazy for Diet

    Wow! I always am surprised, reading your blog, how many all you увспеваешь to make in one day. Simply Wow. My days much less saturated. And when day becomes the madman, I adore it!

  2. Ashley @MilesonOats

    I am really happy your sharing “on the goal meals” it shows healthy food can be simple and still tasty! Sometimes simple is better than over thinking the perfect balanced meal.

    1. Aurora

      Absolutely! Not every meal will be perfect-that’s just the reality of it! But things usually even out in the end!

  3. Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life

    I’ve been meaning to ask you this- where do you live? I know you sometimes eat in the dining halls but a lot of time you seem to have a lot more space than a dorm room! Also, I love the fact you’re taking a mariachi class. That seriously is awesome!

    1. Aurora

      I live in a dorm! Our rooms aren’t horribly tiny this year, but we have zero shelf/drawer space which is why I always complain!

  4. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    I love crazy days because they go by fast, but I love my down time too!

    1. Aurora

      Balance is key!

  5. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    Sounds like a ridiculously busy day filled with a TON of exercising! Good for you, haha, I finished all my classes by 12:30 today and still didn’t get up the energy to go to the gym ;).

    1. Aurora

      Haha those days are great too though! Sometimes you just need a day off!

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