Hey guys! I’m currently without computer-I got a new laptop for Christmas and all my data has to transfer over! Which means I’m stuck at home until it’s done-which is hopefully soon! I need to make THE spin playlist-the one I want to audition with! It has to be perfect-I decided I’ll make it and practice it a couple of times this week, and then apply next weekend!
In other fitness news, I was excited to sign up for a rookie Crossfit competition, only to have it be sold out before I could!
So what’s been going on the last couple if days? Not a whole lot-I went to an awesome spin class this morning, as well as my last class at my home Crossfit yesterday. And guess what else? Thanks to yesterday afternoon, I am now officially CPR certified!
But let’s go over some food. Because I’m sure that’s what everyone comes for, right??

As one of my last meals, I always have cheese soufflés-a recipe from Cooking Light-with a side of balsamic Brussels sprouts and an herb salad. If you haven’t tried added fresh herbs. To salad, you need to!

A small banana with slightly melty chocolate chips.

A Greek salad with Greek seasoned chicken, feta, olives, veggies, and butternut squash hummus. I really like hummuses with a less sharp flavor, so this is a favorite!

A packaged BBQ chicken salad-with a side of veggie tortilla chips and 6 layer dip. The dip was kind of a rip off-the only guacamole was around the edges where it would be seen through the clear container!

I’m not sure if this is a New Year’s resolution or just a January goal, but I’m trying to drink a cup if tea everyday-so this jasmine green tea was enjoyed while watching the 49ers!
I’m looking to kick up my nutrition a notch this quarter, so I made a meal plan for myself that is balanced and easy. Since coming to college, I never exactly got a solid eating routine down-as in, I never really figured out what to eat for breakfast and never had any consistency. This quarter, I’m ready to make a change, and planning and meal prep is key! Especially since I’m still at home!
Today, I prepped lunches, as well as dessert.

Leftover Greek chicken, balsamic Brussels sprouts, and sage-brown butter mashed yams. I now have a full week of lunches-I just need a protein source for the second half of the week, which I’ll grab from the dining hall. I also have some roasted carrots, plus more mashed yams to freeze for next next week! As for the “dessert”?
I had every intention of making pumpkin bread-I was halfway into mixing it up-when I realized I had no pumpkin. Smart one Aurora. I looked for ANYTHING that might have a similar consistency-squash, mango…? The only thing I had was frozen cherries, so I improvised. I had no clue what was going to come out of the oven!

The result? Success! I’ll post the recipe tomorrow when I have a computer again!
Have a great week!

6 comments on “Preparing for the New Quarter

    1. Aurora

      It’s my all time favorite meal!

  1. Marina @ PBlover and Runner

    I can’t wait for your recipe 😉 I at last will pass the examinations in a month and I will come back home. And there I am waited by the mountain of the frozen berries. More recipes are definitely necessary to eat all these good things 😉

    1. Aurora

      A mountain of berries sounds amazing! Enjoy!

  2. smilemilegirl

    A new laptop- how exciting! (: Good luck with your goals for this quarter! You’re very prepared, you are going to do great (:

    1. Aurora

      Thank you 🙂

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