Let me just preface this by saying that I’ve never done a product review on Fitness is Sweet, because I really believe in only talking about things for a reason. When Sun Cups reached out to me, I immediately agreed to do a review. Why? Because like so many others out there, I can’t eat nuts, and sunflower seed butter saved me. 

A little over a year ago, my skin inexplicably began breaking out terribly. I could not figure out what was happening, as my skin had always been clear. Fast forward about 6 months-I knew nuts were for some reason causing my skin to go crazy, but I was so addicted to peanut butter that my skin suffered. A few months later, I discovered sunflower seed butter, and it saved my skin. While I’m lucky not to have a dangerous reaction to nuts, my response to them are getting worse, and many are much worse off. I want to share Sun Cups with you all because they are such a great option for those who cannot have nuts-but for those that can, they are delicious and definitely worth having over a Reese’s. 


Sun Cups sent me these samples to review a few weeks ago, and they were a big hit in my house!


Lilly especially loved the box they came in! 

I was expecting the Sun Cups to be good, but what really blew me away was the quality of the chocolate. It was amazingly rich and creamy, and so, so smooth. 


We tasted milk sunflower butter, dark sunflower butter, dark mint, and milk caramel. Despite being a family of dark chocolate lovers, the milk sunflower butter stole our hearts. The milk chocolate complimented the sunflower seed butter so perfectly.



We were also impressed by how fresh the mint cup tasted. 

Just in general, everything tasted so fresh. Let’s just say these didn’t last long.



Besides the taste, one of the best things about these guys is the ingredient list.


No high fructose corn syrup, and no weird artificial sweeteners. Let’s compare to a Reese’s: one Reese’s cup has 10 grams of sugar, while one sunflower butter cup only has 7. That’s almost a teaspoon of a difference, in one candy!

I would definitely recommend Sun Cups-I haven’t seen these in stores much but you can order them on their website here. This would be the perfect gift for someone with a nut allergy, or even someone wanting a healthier treat. 

*Full disclosure-Sun Cups sent me samples to review, but all opinions are my own.

8 comments on “Sun Cups

  1. Bree

    I javen’t ever heard of them bit they sound fantastic! Healthy loving at its finest!

  2. Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life

    Sooooooo belated birthday present for me, I think so 😉 Haha! Just kidding. In all honesty though, these look amaaaaaaaazing!!

  3. Florence

    Those look amazing. I’m a reeses junky and really want to find a healthier alternative…definitely going to give these a try!

    1. Aurora

      Awesome! Let me know what you think!

  4. gorunnaked

    Dark chocolate + any kind of nut butter is winning combination for me, so I bet that these would taste just as amazing. I’ve never tried sunflower seed butter, but does it taste the same as almond butter or something similar?

    1. Aurora

      It’s kind of similar but sunflower seeds have a stronger flavor. I wouldn’t normally get but butters with any added sugar, but in this case I would recommend it because otherwise the flavor is quite intense-and it’s only about a gram of sugar.

  5. smilemilegirl

    Yum!! I had no idea they had an alternative to peanut butter filled chocolate cups! Those look wonderful, especially the lower amount of sugar.

    1. Aurora

      They were really good! And most importantly won’t make my skin go crazy!

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