Hi friends! I never blog in the morning, which is what I’m doing now, but I was soo tired last night and had a ton of homework to catch up on, and ended up with a few extra minutes this morning. 

Before I get into yesterday, I have a few photos to share from Saturday.



Lunch with my parents on Saturday.


MY NEW SHOES. SO excited!

Sunday morning, I was up bright and early for spin certification training! It was about a 40 minute drive away. I decided to stop for coffee-when I realized I didn’t pack a fork for my salad. I tried to grab one from the coffee shop, but all they had were spoons and knives…It’s actually easier than you would think to eat salad with a spoon!

One thing about the gym though? It was FREEZING. It was basically just a concrete box, with no heaters or anything, and of course all I had was a sweatshirt. Brrr.


When we finally got on the bikes around 11:30, people kept commenting on how blue my lips were!

There was a wide range of students in the class-some have been spinning for longer than I’ve been alive, while others have been to a class or two but have been asked to get certified for one reason or another. 

The format of the class was a lecture, and then a ride right before lunch. The first ride was just to show us different techniques and drills. Then, after lunch was more lecture and a second ride at the very end, which was the instructor taking us through a class. Overall, I was probably on the bike for about 2.5 hours, and the class was 9 hours. Image


I’m really, really glad I chose the Spinning brand as my certification. So much of what they do is based on hard science-from how the bikes are designed to the drills they take the students through. I’m lucky in that my first spin teachers taught Spinning style classes. Spinning classes mimic what it’s like to ride on the road, with no extras (like weights or bands). 

The instructor was great as well. She’s been involved with Spinning for 20 years, and teaching classes like this for a long time as well. She actually wrote some of the manual we were given, and was able to give us a lot of information not covered in the manual as well.

I think was of the most helpful parts was the profile building and music selection. After taking this course, I feel like I was totally unprepared before to teach class and make profiles. One other interesting thing is they emphasize making music choices besides just pop. I think that a lot of times, pop is an easy way out to get the class pumped up and enjoying the ride. A really awesome instructor can pull off a much different style of ride-the ride she took us through only really had one song with lyrics, and normally that would have made me bored, but she was such a great instructor that the class flew by. That requires a lot of cuing, and a lot of practice though, so I definitely may use a lot of pop as my crutch!

Building classes really is such an art. 

After the class ended, I stopped by my house for dinner and cat time, seeing as it was on my way back. We had cheese souffles, an herb salad, and sauteed thyme mushrooms.


My mom also made a really amazing blueberry crisp.


Served with vanilla frozen yogurt-divine.


And of course time with this guy:


Let’s just say that my black sweatshirt didn’t make it back to school with me-it was an inch thick with fur!

Have a great day!


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    I’m glad the class went well! It sounds like you were able to learn a lot (: What delicious food, too! Yum!!

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