Hi friends! 

I’m glad many of you are as excited for 12 Days of Christmas as I am! I’ve created a page at the top of the screen specifically for it-I’ll post each day up there!

I’m currently sitting in Starbucks. It’s nice to not have any more midterms that I’m procrastinating for by blogging. (More on that in a minute…) I had my first red cup of the season!


Apparently they’re a big deal or something?? Haha, I must say, I never knew the red cups were such a big deal until I entered the blog world. I guess I’ve had one before-maybe peppermint hot chocolate? This time last year I didn’t drink coffee. 

My cappuccino today was basically half milk foam-not that I’m complaining! This is about half of what was left once the coffee was all gone!


Not going to lie, it was sub-par milk foam. I’m totally spoiled by the milk foam quality at my coffeeshop-but I find a lot of the larger chains just don’t put in the time necessary to get it right. Once again, so spoiled. (But for the record, my coffeeshop is cheaper than starbucks. Barely, but still.)

Let’s back up a bit, shall we? Yesterday morning I somehow managed to oversleep my alarm. Which has never ever happened, except once where I think I did the same thing…I have no memory of my alarm going off, or me turning it off, but I do have a memory of checking a text from my friend exactly at the time my alarm was supposed to go off…go figure. I guess that’s what 5.5 hours of sleep will do to ya! 

With some rushing, I still manage to fit in most of my workout. It was 5x1000m repeats, which I did on the track. I gotta say, 1000m is a little too long for my liking! I still maintained my goal pace pretty well at least. I ran out of time for the last one, so I did a 400m repeat instead. 

I’m really trying to conserve laundry-my goal is to make it another week to Thanksgiving without having to do it (I did it last week), so I’m breaking out some of the lesser worn clothes. I thought I should show you the fact that I have bright blue workout pants, which I broke out for Friday.


I actually don’t know why I don’t wear them more often-they are a different material than my other Nike workout pants, but it actually is a lot better because my other ones always fall down, at least until I start sweating, which is a major pain. Plus, they feel so winter-y!

So…that midterm. Let’s just say I don’t think I’ve ever gotten nauseous from a midterm before. To put it in perspective, the last midterm which I thought was “not that bad,” the class average was 58. And THIS ONE was bad. Ouch. 

To add insult to injury, my Friday Chem lab lasted the full 4 hours, and I had to rush to Crossfit afterwards-I was starving and chocolate milk has never tasted so good in my life!

The workout was deadlifts for strength, and lots of pull ups and overhead lunges for the WOD. I probably could have used a smaller band for the pull ups- there were about 75 of them total, but I finished the workout pretty fast. 

It was so nice to spend a Friday night relaxing without having to be studying! I went to Whole Foods after Crossfit since they’re fairly close, and it was nice to just wander around. I needed food to pack for tomorrow’s 9 hour Spin Certification class (!!!), and this Whole Foods has the most awesome granola bar selection. I was all set to buy some awesome looking kombucha-when I realized it had a warning saying you had to be 21. Yeah, I wasn’t old enough to buy kombucha. 

This Whole Foods also has the biggest selection of egg nog I’ve ever seen. I was SO tempted to buy, well, all of it. My roommate and I are definitely getting this after Thanksgiving:


But our fridge is tiny so that should be interesting. They also had some local looking egg nog that seemed super gourmet. We are also planning an egg nog tasting party. We’re going all out for the holidays this year! It’s so hard to restrain myself from buying ALL THE DECORATIONS. I’m trying to wait until after Thanksgiving-but I really wanted one of these trees!


They are insanely cute-but I don’t want to kill it over Thanksgiving so I resisted. Here’s a blurry pic of the tree I had last year (it’s a real tree).


I picked up dinner from the hot bar-the Indian food smelled incredible, so I layered spinach, rice, and chicken, and had a side of cabbage slaw.


I ate outside-they even had heat lamps!

I also sampled a new granola bar. I’ve tried the same brand of bar before, and I liked the other one better. This was good, but it had a slightly cardboard-y flavor. 

I had a fairly low key night-I stopped by my friend’s birthday party, and then later met some new people, which is always fun. I ended up buying my small group late night, because let’s be honest-how much kombucha can a girl drink in 3 weeks? I still have 50 meal plan dollars left, AFTER buying everyone food!


I have a pretty large but varied to-do list today-I don’t plan on having much time tomorrow for school work. I got the world’s fastest haircut this morning-all the sudden I had the hugest urge to cut my hair, and I was in and out in 15 minutes. I got 4 inches off-my hair has gotten way too long in the last few months-I haven’t gotten it cut often enough, or gotten enough taken off. Here’s a before and after pic, although it looks exactly the same. I swear in real life it’s actually a lot shorter!


SO much better. I hate having long hair!

One more thing for today-I discovered that pretty much the only green juice I actually like is anything with pineapple and kale. I picked this up at Whole Foods, and it’s really good! IMG_5178Pineapple, kale, mango, and apple coconut water. 

Have a great day!

What is your Starbucks order?

The only thing I get anywhere is a small cappuccino. Everyone’s orders here have been so intense!

8 comments on “Resisting the Urge to Go Holiday Crazy

  1. Theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine

    Califia Farms almond milk is literally THEE best brand out there (in my humble opinion)! I have yet to try their nog, but I seriously cannot get enough of that brand!

    1. Aurora

      I can only imagine how amazing it is! And so much lower in sugar than a lot of other nog brands!

  2. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    I always saved my laundry for mom too when I was in college!

    1. Aurora

      Guilty. Sooo guilty.

  3. smilemilegirl

    Today I got a nonfat gingerbread latte. Only for the BOGO deal. I tend to be more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker, I love starbucks teas!

    1. Aurora

      I’ve only gotten there iced green tea before, but it was good! I should try more-we all know I really don’t need so much caffeine!

      1. smilemilegirl

        I think I’m pretty spoiled with my solid 7/8 hours of sleep a night. If I have caffeine, I have difficulty falling asleep!

  4. Shawn @ Fruity 'N' Nutty

    Love your blue pants, you should definitely wear them more often. Honestly, I’m not that into drinks and mostly stick with water. I know, how boring right? But all the drink pics you’ve posted here look really really good! 🙂

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