Happy Friday! (Or almost Friday for me.) I’m a lot more coherent now. I got a decent night’s sleep, plus the week of midterms is over. Now this is just the Night of Lab Report. My morning started out with 8am Crossfit. We spent a lot of time rolling out our calves…with the bar. Which is metal and hard and painful, and my calves are really tight from all the running I’ve been doing lately! I can still feel it-ouch. 

The workout was “Hellen” which is 3 rounds of 400m run, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull ups. I finished in 12:18, but with the pull ups with a band. It’s amazing-I used to just do the Crossfit workouts to finish-and my goal would be to not finish last. Now, there are a lot of times when I’m at the front of the pack, and ahead of all the women. When did that happen?? I think it’s partly that my box here at school has a slightly different population of people, but even in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a huge difference. I usually get behind from the beginning because I try to pace myself, but I find myself passing people near the end, especially on the running portions. I see people struggling on the runs while I am still cruising, and every time it makes me thankful for all the half marathon training I’ve been doing! My endurance is SO much better!

The shirt I wore to Crossfit this morning was covered in cat fur. Charlie fur. That shirt has not been home in 3 months…how does he do it??



But look at that face!

The trees in the lot where I park my car at school have been changing all fall, and there are just amazing. Fall In California looks like this!


After a quick breakfast, I had to head to office hours for chem lab, so I didn’t have time to hit up my usual coffeeshop. I did have time for a cappuccino after office hours, so I went to one nearby. This is what I get for cheating on Coupa (my normal coffeeshop). Sub-par milk foam. Check out the difference! The one on the left is today’s.Image

HOWEVER. A low milk foam to coffee ration means a high coffee to milk foam ratio. So there was a lot of espresso in this drink. So I was very awake, which was a nice change of pace!

No pictures of lunch-I grabbed it while running out and was striking out all over the place in terms of veggies. My lunch included laughing cow-I was going yo eat it with carrots, but my pack of carrots most likely had a pear die on it (or something sticky and gross) so I didn’t have time to deal with that. Next, I tried a fresh bag of snap peas, but they were oddly wet and had a really funky smell. So I ended up dipping raw green beans in  laughing cow. Totally normal, right?

I ended up with an early-ish and photographed dinner, which was a repeat of yesterday.


Vegetarian chili! So, so good. I also tried something-microwave nachos! Yes, it can be done. Cheese, tortilla chips, 20 seconds in the microwave.



They weren’t soggy or anything, but the cheese cooled really quickly so they had to be eaten fast. Not bad though for microwave cooking! 

After dinner I had the biggest chocolate craving, and given I have no chocolate and am not supposed to be eating sugar, I turned to cocoa powder for comfort. I whipped up this baby, which was probably half cocoa powder. Plus chocolate whey protein powder, almond milk, and unsweetened coconut, warmed up in the microwave. Not bad, but not the best. And I would kill for some chocolate or a cookie right now.



My Physics midterm went surprisingly well. I think they took pity on us after the last one. I’m not complaining. After the exam, I watched the end of a HUGE football game for my school-that I couldn’t go to because I was taking a midterm. We won (wooo!) and it was a huge upset, but it was super stressful at the end! It was fun though seeing people I knew in pretty much every shot of the stands!

Do you watch college football? What team?

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  1. smilemilegirl

    My mom and I used to make microwave nachos all the time! (: The trees are so pretty. Most of the ones by me are already bare! 🙁

    1. Aurora

      I never realized how well they would turn out! This is definitely continuing in the future!

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