I’m just going to pop in here really quickly. 

Tomorrow’s Friday! Wooo! It’s amazing how fast the week goes when I don’t have 3 midterms…

This morning I was planning on going to spin and then running for the first time post race with a friend. However, I realized mid spin class that I had to get something done ASAP. So running didn’t happen-looks like my first post race run will be another race!

I ended up with 2 extra hours in the morning before class, so I went to a coffeeshop and worked on homework-it was actually a really great and productive way to start the day!

And HELLO. It was sooo cold today! I swear it wasn’t as cold in the morning, plus when I ran out of my dorm I was still hot from a shower and spin-but I was FREEZING in my sweatshirt and scarf-it just never warmed up!



I didn’t take pictures of everything today, but there are some noteworthy things. I drank a lot of probiotics today. Let me just say-I love probiotics! My stomach was on the verge of really starting to hurt from eating so much late at night at our food party, but this little guy was a lifesaver!


This wasn’t my favorite flavor but it seemed healthy so I went for it. It was actually fine though-but a little gross when it was flat by lunchtime…

I also tried this-


I was planning on drinking this in the afternoon, but for some reason I kept thinking it was mango flavored. Weird. ANyways, I actually really enjoyed this. I love grape anything. And the chia seeds took some of the sharpness out of the flavor of kombucha. 

And if you’re wondering, no I did not just come into a large inheritance. Part of my meal plan is “meal plan dollars”-which I’ve never used up before. Well, now they work in a place with all these fancy probiotic drinks. If that made no sense, think of it this way-I call meal plan dollars “free money.” And they will most likely all me spent on fancy things like this. 

I had a flag football game-but the team we were playing had to forfeit because they didn’t have enough players. We ended up lending them a few players and just scrimmaging. 

After football, I had a kind of emergency errand. You see, I was kind of an idiot yesterday. I threw away my toothbrush in the morning. Without checking to make sure I had a new one. Which I discovered late last night when any place to buy a toothbrush on campus would be closed. Smooth one Aurora. Let’s just say I must have looked awesome brushing my teeth with toothpaste and a paper towel….

So yes, it was an emergency toothpaste run.


I have never seen such a beautiful sight. 

While at the bookstore (where I got the toothbrushes), I happened to see some crew neck sweatshirts. That were ridiculously cheap. So I bought 2-to be fair, I love wearing crew necks, but the only ones I have are black, so I wanted to branch out. But I’m pretty sure the same exact thing happened last year, which is how I ended up with so many sweatshirts…

I made dinner in my dorm-I just wasn’t really feeling dining hall food. 


Trader Joe’s Pumpkin soup, spinach with swiss cheese and pesto. I realized that it had been a really long time since I’d had swiss cheese, so I decided to change that. The pumpkin soup was good-I don’t know about you guys, but I do think it’s kind of boring to eat a soup with such a uniform consistency and flavor. Any ideas how I could spruce this up, or use it in a difference recipe? I still have half a carton.


I had a non-pumpkin fall inspired dessert-ish thing! Yogurt, apple butter, sunflower seed butter, and half a piece of zucchini bread. If you can’t tell, I have a whole bunch of frozen zucchini bread. This was some type of fancy yogurt. My roommate keeps thanking me for getting obsessed with yogurt last spring because it made her realize how much she loves yogurt. I think she repays me for that buy buying yogurt in large quantities and then needing help eating it all. I have absolutely no problem with that. 

Ok, I need to go! My room is a mess-I’m giving it a deep cleaning and rearranging this weekend, but it might need a pre-clean clean first. And I need to do homework and make a practice spin class for tomorrow morning. Have a great Friday!

Do you have an opinion on probiotics? Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s had a toiletry emergency?

4 comments on “Toothbrush Emergency

    1. Aurora

      Me too. I feel awful if I don’t take them!

  1. twineats

    Cook any type of plain rice (like Quinoa!) and put it in your soup! It makes the soup have a great texture and makes it more filling too 🙂

    1. Aurora

      I love that idea! I’m going to do that with the rest if it-maybe I’ll add chicken and spinach or something!

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