Well folks, it’s the day after my race. And not going to lie, it’s been a tough day. Guess what? I’m sick. Fabulous. I went to bed at 9 pm last night and got 10 hours of sleep-which is an insane amount for me! Not going to lie, I went to sleep dreaming up my next long run…the fact that by some chance my feet didn’t bother me during the race opens up so many opportunities! 

I woke up hungry-the surprise there. I’ve been an eating machine since the race! My roommate baked banana muffins while I was gone and saved me one-yay!

I also had berries-and probably some other things that I don’t remember.

This morning was rough. I felt bad. And sore. Definitely no where near as bad as last time, but enough to make me a little extra grumpy. Plus, the aftermath of last week’s 3 midterms has me questioning my direction in life. But I kept telling myself-it’s ok, I ran 15.5 miles yesterday! I was planning on going to spend some time in the lab after class, but I decided I would feel much better with lunch and a nap. 


A mango chia pod and a luna bar sample.


I decided I’m not a big fan of the chia pods-they’re too bland for me! I topped this with freeze dried mango.

I also had a lot of pumpkin cream cheese/pumpkin butter on crackers. I had time for a half hour nap, and it seriously made all the difference in the world! Despite my 10 hours of sleep last night, I’ve spent the last week wearing down my body in a serious way-no more than 6 hours a night of sleep for a week straight, the stress of midterms, and then a half marathon!

Then, I had to go to a 4 hour lab as part of extra credit for bio-it’s called “Bio Explorations.” The session I went to was about lipid droplets-and it was totally awesome! It’s right up my alley with what I do want to do in my life, and this reaffirmed that and made me feel much better. 

I ate dinner in my room. I haven’t been on top of food much lately, so I had a random mix of things. 


Egg scramble with laughing cow and pesto (I really wish I had spinach), plus carrots and hummus on the side. 

And then this:


We had to run into Trader Joe’s in San Francisco to pick up some last minute race day food for my sister, and I found pumpkin yogurt there! I haven’t been able to find it at all at my Trader Joe’s! I carted this all the way back from the city to enjoy tonight. It was good on its own, but why not make it epic? I topped it with zucchini bread, sunflower seed butter, pumpkin butter, and a date. And epic it was. 

I think I’ve properly refueled after my race-I think I’ll get back to more normal eating habits tomorrow. I’ve eaten a lot of sugar and carbs these past few days-and not a lot of veggies! I think partly my head is foggy from the cold, and I haven’t really thought ahead about food much. Oh well, it happens!

Also-freaking free race food. I’ve had wayyyy too many nuts (as in, any) in the past few days, and my face is going to hate me for it. I’m already starting to break out a little bit-eek! 

Wow, I’m about ready for another nap. Or bed. Sadly, I’m already drowning in work. I hate being sick. But I’m thankful the worst of it is coming POST race!

Tell me something awesome about your day!

5 comments on “I Ran 15.5 Miles Yesterday

  1. genext13

    Congrats on your race! You know there is a correlation between the “illness” and everything you are doing to your body. 15.5 miles is a bit much post race considering how you feel. Careful, you might burn out or get injured. You can still get benefit from just a 30-45 minute run. Right now, your schooling is the most important and if you do not take it easy, you will not be able to that. Care for you is priority and your body is telling you something. Please listen.

    1. Aurora

      Sorry-this was unclear! I didn’t run 15.5 miles after the race-I was talking about race day! RunNing is definitely not going to be happening for a while! Wow, I can’t even imagine running at all after race day, much less that much! I’m definitely taking this week easy and focusing on school!

      1. genext13

        Sorry, I misunderstood. I was distracted while reading your post. I am glad you are taking care of yourself. 🙂

    1. Aurora

      Thank you! I’m already doing way better!

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