Ahhhhhhh! I’m sitting in the bed in my hotel room blogging from my phone the night before RACE DAY!!! It’s actually really awesome-we’re staying in a hotel literally right at the finish line! Ahhh!!!
Ok, let’s go through some pre-race food. And stuff.

I cracked open my pomegranate. Along with a new bar-I really liked this! I especially liked the low sugar content!

I also finished my kombucha-this might have to become a pre race day ritual-my stomach feels awesome!
I then proceeded to drive all over town attempting to find my particular type of goo…to no avail. Yes, the day before race day. I’m so prepared. Luckily, my mom found some-thank goodness!
I also stopped by Trader Joes for some pumpkin goodies-you know, since I was right by there…naturally. Then it was pre race lunch!

Hummus salad with goat cheese, pumpkin butter/cream cheese with crackers, and a chia pod with pumpkin butter. The chia pod was interesting-the pumpkin was a nice addition!
Then, I met up with my parents and are some of their pumpkin pie.

Then, it was expo time! My dad and I ended up getting out and walking the last mileish because traffic was INSANE.
Here is kind if a photo dump!



Free food! Yay! Luna bars!

Repping Fitness is Sweet!

Super cool-this is with no flash…

With flash! Neither me nor my dad realized there was this effect-the woman positioned me!


I found my name! These are all on the window of the Nike store!
And lastly, pre race dinner!

Asian chicken salad.

Aaaaand froyo. Carb loading, right?
That’s all for tonight! Not a bad post, given it’s from my phone! Now I’m off to bed! And then…RACE DAY. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

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  1. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate

    I hope the race went well!

    1. Aurora

      Thank you! It went really well!

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