Yayyy we finally made it to the weekend! I’m currently camped out in my dorm room as parties rage in the rooms around me. I wanted a low key night with plenty of sleep in preparation for RACE DAY. I cannot believe it’s only a day (ish) away! 

I began my morning with one final workout-a 45 minute spin class I made for myself. I made this back in April, and I think it’s the best class I’ve written. When I audition at gyms, I’ll probably use this one, or some variation of it. 


I had to cut it short by 1.5 songs though since I wanted to get to class in plenty of time for my midterm. I had planned on going to a coffeeshop for a cappuccino but I was running late, so I just stopped into the dining hall for coffee. BIG MISTAKE. It was awful-super sour. I couldn’t decide if the coffee was terrible or if the milk I put in it was just completely sour. I didn’t feel safe drinking it, so I had to face the day without caffeine (which ended up being fine).
Nothing noteworthy happened in my classes-my Chem lab went longer than expected because we ran out of starting material before my partner and I could get some, so we had to wait for the new material to heat up. I really like my lab partner-he’s nice and competent. A good combo! So far our experiments seem to have worked pretty well!
After lab (ok, and after a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother), I went to my dorm’s BBQ-they have one every Friday, but this is the first one I’ve been too. It was Mexican food, so I went in hopes of guac (spoiler alert-there wasn’t any).
Speaking of dorm events, we got the pictures back from “Homecoming.”
Then, my roommate and I went on a mandatory trip to Whole Foods. Mandatory because I desperately need more goo for my race. Sadly, I didn’t find the flavor I like, but I certainly did not leave empty handed! I’ve never been to this Whole Foods-we were in the area because I picked up the sweatshirt I left at Crossfit nearby-and a new to me Whole Foods means a million new to me products! Confession: I may have picked out almost exclusively snack foods. And I’m a recovering granola bar addict-and there were so many choices! I also think I may have spotted Gina-but I wasn’t 100% sure so I was scared to say hi! Next time though!
Here are a few of the things I broke into immediately:
I really, really enjoyed this bar. It was a little on the sweet side, but it made for the perfect dessert.
When I saw chocolate kale, I HAD to try it! It’s really good-it reminds me of a green chocolate smoothie! My one complaint-that bag does NOT hold very much kale!
A good snack!
This. This is why I love my roommate. She got chocolate flax snacks and fancy Nutella-with actual real ingredients-it was sooo good. And, she shared. Even better! And yes, I may have spent a good 5 minutes walking around my room trying to get the best lighting to show off this deliciousness. And my stupid phone kept focusing on the wrong stuff. Like all the junk on my floor.
CHAI kombucha. Again, another must try. Plus, I’m all about the probiotics right now. To be honest, this made me think more of pumpkin spice than chai, but given the season, that’s perfectly fine by me!
Overall, quite the successful trip! I’ll share the other items with you as they are consumed. I love Whole Foods.
I spent the rest of the night cleaning my room and packing for the race. I’m SO excited. And I finally get to wear this shirt!
Although I’m not sure how that will work with my number…I don’t think I thought that through while making the shirt. Oh well!
Ahhhh can’t wait!
What’s your impulse buy? Mine is most definitely granola bars.

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