Hey guys! As I type this post, I have a belly full of guacamole, and some shiny new PRs. But let’s back up.

Let’s start with some of the few food pictures from yesterday.


I actually really like these! The blackberry flavor was a lot stronger than I was expecting-in a good way! The chia seeds in this make it some much more fun too.


That awkward moment when your spinach and egg scramble is mostly spinach. I topped it with avocado and pesto. I LOVELOVELOVE that I can make scrambles in the microwave!


I made chia seed pudding! I’ve been snacking on it over the past few days, and I just finished it. I simply soaked chia seeds in my chocolate almond milk, and then stirred in cocoa powder, and topped it with raisins, coconut sugar, and dried unsweetened coconut. I’m definitely starting to see why Gina loves toppings so much!

One problem I have when I soak chia seeds in almond milk is that they get kind of bitter. Is this normal? Am I doing anything wrong…?

As for workouts yesterday-I started the morning with a 3-4 mile run. I tried out my new inserts. The good news is they didn’t hurt my toe. The bad news is one of them was in my shoe quite right so it hurt my foot, and since I didn’t wear my anti-blister socks, I had some massive foot burn. I ended up cutting my 4 miles a little short since I thought I might possibly feel a tiny bit of something in my calf, but it ended up being fine.

Also-you know what made my day yesterday? A 4 hour lab ending 3 hours early. That my friends is winning.

So I returned to my dorm early and blew a huge bubble-which I just had to capture on camera.



In the evening was flag football practice. I rolled my ankle again at the beginning of practice. Rolling my ankle all the time is starting to get really old! I rolled it later that night again too…I guess I could probably wear an ankle brace for football, but it seems ridiculous to wear it 24/7. Our football captain baked us zucchini bread too! Which I didn’t get a picture of because it was pretty dark already.

Today, I was planning on sleeping really late and taking a rest day. Huh. I woke up at 7am, ready to do SOMETHING so I decided to go to a 10am Crossfit. 

I LOVE being awake before everyone else on campus. On the weekends especially, it’s just so quiet. Plus, it’s so beautiful and calm outside. 

I spent a relaxing morning reading before heading to Crossfit.


At Crossfit today, the strength portion was finding your one rep max for clean and jerks. My clean PR is 2 years old. Granted, I haven’t really tested it in a year. And I never really tried for a clean AND JERK one rep max, so I didn’t know what to expect. 

Well, I finally have a new clean PR! I don’t know what my heaviest jerk was, but I was able to jerk the weight I cleaned so I know that’s a PR. It was only a 5 pound PR, but I ran out of time to try heavier. It actually felt pretty good, and I think I could have made heavier cleans, though probably not jerks.

I finally started a list on my phone of PRs. My PRs are almost entirely from September 2013, so it was a pretty good month! To be fair, a lot of things I haven’t tested PRs in in a year, or wasn’t sure of the PRs. However, a lot of the PRs listed I didn’t specifically test for a one rep max, they were just part of regular strength training, and I haven’t failed any of the lifts.

The WOD today was a 2k row. When I was doing crew, I never actually did a 2k test! I think I was way slower today though than I would have been in a 2k test because a)I was rowing more then and b) I didn’t have an entire rowing team cheering me on and scary coaches looking over my shoulder. 

It was funny, because I heard some guys talking afterwards about how one of them had done a WOD that was a 20 minute row, and that was insanely long. For crew, we had 4 sets of 5k rows! I don’t really miss those marathon workouts.

I made it back to my old dining hall for brunch, the only good meal they do, and ate copious amounts of guacamole.


Which is another, and probably more accurate way of saying I made a Mexican salad. 

And this picture doesn’t begin to show much much guacamole is actually there. 

Wow, I really can’t think of a good way to end this post. Have a great weekend guys!

What was your last PR?

8 comments on “September PRs

    1. Aurora

      So good! And easy. I’m all about easy.

  1. Julie

    That scramble looks amazing with avocado & pesto. I can’t wait to find those thinkThin fiber bars!

    1. Aurora

      They’re really good!

    1. Aurora

      I want to try toe shoes or something really minimalist-I have a ton of food problems and they’re caused entirely by my shoes! It’s definitely something to look into-thanks!

      1. genext13

        I have worn Five-Finger shoes and they can take getting used to. You have to start with barefoot running to help change your from first. You go to a field and run barefoot several times a week gradually increasing your distance. You allow your form to change and try to refrain from running in those foam monstrosities. after a couple weeks, you can try road running in some minimalist shoes. I got some Vibram Minimus shoes that are actually put out by New Balance. They are awesome. The sole is good protection but you can still feel the road so you feet can expand with the road. It is through feeling the road that your natural form comes out and that is what prevents injury. Good luck!

        1. Aurora

          Thank you! I’ll try that after my race when I don’t have a schedule to run. Most of my problems are from my shoes so that should really help.

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