Hey guys! I wasn’t planning on posting tonight, but I’ll pop in quickly here to do a short recap of the day.

I began my morning with a 6am wakeup. I went to bed at 12, so this wasn’t an ideal amount of sleep, but I didn’t sleep too soundly so I was ready to get up and start my day. I ate a date, dressed quickly, and headed to the gym for my first gym workout of the school year!

Since I’m doing Crossfit and lifting a lot there, plus running and spinning for cardio, I want to use my gym workouts as time to work on certain lifts or exercises. I haven’t done a 1 rep max deadlift in over a year, and I started the morning with a shiny new PR of 205 pounds. It’s not a PR by much, but I didn’t exactly try 210 because I didn’t have time. But I’ll take it! I then worked on cleans from the hang position since we don’t have bumpers to do it from the ground. 

I also spent a few minutes on the assisted pull up machine. I’ve definitely gotten stronger from Crossfit, and my goal is to be able to do a pull up by Thanksgiving. I wanted to see roughly how far I had to go. Well, I’m about 55 pounds away from doing one. So that’s something to work on. I finished with a few minutes of abs, and 8 rounds of HIIT on the rowing machine. 

Post-workout chocolate milk was a necessity, as was this photo.


I had a 9 am class-Ochem. I actually really followed what was going on, and felt on top of things! It was a little stressful, because I kept expecting for the moment to come where I’d be completely lost. But it’s Day 2, so there’s still plenty of time to get lost. Fact: half the words that come out of my mouth during the school year is how hard Chem is and how much is sucks. I had 10 minutes until my next class, so I grabbed a quick pick me up-a small latte. Again, I drank maybe half. Which is annoying since I feel like it’s a waste of money, but what can you do?

After class and before spending time doing research, I took a moment to refuel.


In case you’re wondering, that’s a hard boiled egg in that bag.

I’ve been bad about taking pictures lately because my days have involved more snacks, which I normally don’t bother to photograph. But another snack looked like a combo of these things:


Plus a Thinkthin Divine and some super dark chocolate.

I actually spent some time doing my Chem reading. I feel unbelievably on top of things right now. I’ve not sure I’ve ever read my Chem textbooks before. 

I then headed to flag football practice.


I learned how to throw perfect spirals (hah) and catch a football. I want to be a receiver; I’m pretty good at catching since I’ve played softball all my life, and I know for a fact that I’m terrible at pulling flags or blocking. My hands were DONE by the end-pink and kind of swollen and very tired. I need to steal my sister’s wide receiver gloves. 

I headed straight to the gym afterwards for a quick Spin workout. I used an old playlist with HIIT in the middle (which is killer) and did about 30 minutes of the workout I had made. I’m officially in Spin teacher training mode. I need to figure out a date to sign up to be certified, but I want to wait until after my race at the end of October. My school is opening up a second gym (exactly the same as the current one) in November, and I would guess they’ll need more Spin teachers. Until I do the certification, I want to try and make a class for myself at least once a week.

I wasn’t super hungry after Spin since it was kind of late, so I hate a simple meal of yogurt and portabella mushroom soup in a mug-the best way!


Like my subtle coordination in decor? If the food isn’t interesting, then I can at least try to make the picture interesting. 


I liked this flip-the hazelnut flavor really came through!

After dinner, we had a Progressive party in my dorm to meet people and eat food in the RAs room. I actually snapped some pictures of this!


Hot chocolate.


Frozen Greek yogurt, berries, bananas, and chocolate fondue.

I have a really hard time passing up free food, even if I really don’t need it. This is definitely something I need to work on-I consume a LOT more sugar this way, and late night food. And if I eat late at night I sleep horribly, so that’s fabulous. Tips for passing these things up would be much appreciated!

If you’re wondering why this post seems so disjointed, it’s because I was interrupted in the middle and coerced to go to late night. They have a new menu this year-I got some things to share with friends, although I may or may not have dominated the cookie (unpictured).


You better believe I dominated those veggies though. I’ll take what I can get. 

Well, it’s getting late. I don’t have class until 11, but I’m going to an 8am Crossfit, and I have a feeling that in the morning I’ll regret that cookie. Tomorrow is kind of a rough day in terms of workouts-8am Crossfit, PM 6 mile hilly run, and then flag football practice again. Flag football isn’t really taxing, but it means I need to get my run done earlier, reducing my between activity rest time. Ok, this was definitely not my best post ever, but such is life. Have a great rest of the week! It’s almost the weekend (sort of).

Do you pass up free food? Doesn’t free stuff taste better?



3 comments on “Everything Tastes Better When It’s Free

  1. Rina

    Usually I have the willpower to pass up free food, or only take one or two bites of it. And yes, free stuff is the best! Especially when there’s chocolate involved!

  2. Theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine

    YES, everything DOES taste better when its free! I loved the first couple of weeks of school because it seems like there are all these promotional events that promise FREE food! You better believe I made it point to go to all of those when I was a student 🙂

    1. Aurora

      Haha so true! You could probably not have to buy food for weeks!

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