Since I’m a little behind on day to day happenings, let’s take a little trip back to Tuesday. I began the morning with Crossfit. The WOD was 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 air squats-for 20 minutes. I used a lighter band than I ever have for the WOD before, so I was really excited about that!

From there, I went straight to yoga. I’m really trying to incorporate it into my routine again, especially since running is picking up. I didn’t think anything of the Crossfit workout until I tried a chaturanga. Yeah. Low push ups? That was not happening. At all. So that was interesting. 

Since I was missing my post-early workout nap, I decided to walk over to Peet’s for an iced green tea.

ImageIt was STRONG. Way more so than Starbucks-which I guess I should have expected. But I’m not complaining! 

I picked up some groceries at Whole Foods-I needed coconut sugar for a recipe I’m trying in the near future. All the pastries smelled so good in there though-I was really tempted by the cinnamon raisin scones. However, I knew if I gave myself such a shot of sugar on an empty stomach I’d feel awful all day, so I settled on some plain yogurt and DELICIOUS vanilla granola. 

ImageThen, I got a quick but much needed haircut, and headed to the mall to meet up for shopping with my best friends from high school.

One of my friends is the best shopper. She can pick a ton of cute things in about 10 minutes. It’s amazing. Both my friends are a lot of fun to shop with because they both try on and buy things. And I’m bad at picking things out. Which leads to the title of this post…

Wait, what? Me? Doing a fashion post? Think of this less as a recommendation, but more of an idea of what I like to wear. 

Here are my finds from the mall the other day:

ImageImageI love this dress! 

So what’s my style like? Simple, slightly athletic. Mostly simple. Throughout high school, I wore jeans and a sweatshirt pretty much every day. Now that I’m in college, I feel like I need to make a little more of an effort. Sometimes. I’m lucky that my school is super casual. Nike shorts to class? 100% acceptable. It’s a good fit. But the biggest reason I’m getting away from wearing jeans and a sweatshirt is frankly because biking in jeans stinks. It just does. It’s not comfortable. So that combination of factors has forced me to be a bit more creative. 

Here’s one of my weird quirks-I don’t wear jewelry. At all. For some reason it kind of annoys me to have it on-hence the “simple.” So what do I wear?

I’m a big fan of loose sweaters. My favorite is a peach and white striped sweater that I seem to have no pictures of. I also love scarves-specifically infinity scarves. I could never figure out how to properly wear/wrap a regular scarf so at this point I exclusively buy infinity scarves. I love dressing up a simple crewneck sweatshirt with a scarf. Plus, in winter it usually keeps me warm enough to avoid wearing 2 jackets. (Yes, I’m a wimp. Weather in the 50s merits 2 jackets, and I still ‘freeze.’) 


This is probably my favorite scarf. I love the color and the subtle sparkle. I also have it in purple (they were on sale-how could I not??).


Here’s a really awful picture of my navy scarf. Simple, but effective. It would be good with a light or bright cardigan, depending on the season. 

Speaking of cardigans, these are my newest thing. In the winter they look great with a tank top and scarf (yes, this is a CA winter). This summer, I’ve been dressing up my workout pants with a cardigan. Yes, once again my school is casual enough I can wear workout pants to the lab and it’s totally fine. I feel like I do look a little more profession with the sweater though.

Here’s the full look-with my summery scarf and the lovely Kaitlin (old photo).

ImageHere are a few more sweatered looks:

ImageImageThat’s one of my new tanks. I wanted something a little fancier looking. This could be dressed up a lot with a pencil skirt of some type.

In terms of skirts, I am a big fan of the high waisted skirt look.Image(Ignore the fact that I was weirdly tan last summer.)

ImageThis flowy type of high waisted skirt seems to be a bit last year (not that that stops me from wearing them). The new thing seems to be the a-line skirt, which I also really like and have a few of, I just haven’t worn them a whole bunch. 

In terms of fancier clothing, this is my all time favorite dress. And pretty much my only fancy type dress until I got that blue one yesterday!

ImageRealistically, who knows what I’ll wear next year. When the weather gets colder I’ll almost certainly turn to the crew neck and scarf look. Once again, I’m a wimp in the cold-any breeze in the air and a cardigan just won’t cut it!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m not necessarily the most stylish person, but hopefully this gives you a sense of my ‘style’!