Happy Wednesday! That means-you guessed it-another edition of What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by the lovely Jenn.


By the way, did you guys see her chocolate chip banana bread recipe? It looks AMAZING! I was going to make it but was short a ripe banana, and my dad may have killed me if I made it and ate it all while he was out of town. 

But now onto what I actually DID eat! 

Saturday lunch-leftovers. Sloppy joe meat (with turkey) in a lettuce leaf, plus leftover sweet potato wedges. 


ANOTHER fruit bowl. I’m kind of obsessed with these. The best ones include bananas and peaches. WIth or without peaches though, there needs to be a tangier component than just banana-like berries or even apple in a pinch. Topped with crunchy sunflower seed butter for some healthy fats.

ImageI also tried a new chobani flip-vanilla with corn flakes, honey oats, and praline pecans.

ImageI paired it with a slice of veggie pizza and broccoli. My overall opinion? A little boring. And corn flakes+yogurt are not a great combination, just because they got super soggy.

ImageSince over the weekend I was still on my no sugar challenge, when my parents broke out the peanut butter cups, I decided to make my own no sugar version. I heated up unsweetened chocolate and coconut butter (unsweetened chocolate is really hard), and then filled mini muffin cups first with the chocolate, then sunflower seed butter, and then topped with chocolate again. I also added a touch of sea salt to the top-to make them gourmet of course! I wouldn’t recommend using no sweetener if you aren’t use to the taste of unsweetened chocolate, but this would work just as well with dark chocolate.

 ImageOne thing I love about summer is going to Farmer’s markets. I love tasting all the fruit-especially peaches. White peaches or nectarines are by far my favorite! However, fruit is not the only amazing foodie find at Farmer’s markets. Have any of you ever gotten kettle corn there? It’s the best kettle corn ever. When you get it, it’s so hot and crisp. What better to munch on while browsing the produce?

ImageI do love my fresh produce though too. Some highlights-white raspberries and butternut squash hummus! I love topping salads with hummus, and I prefer less sharp hummus for this. Butternut squash worked just perfectly!

ImageImageAlso from the Farmer’s market-artichokes and corn. I also had a grilled portabello mushroom, but sadly we could not find any at the Farmer’s market. 

ImageAlso-a side note: I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I haven’t posted many pictures of my breakfasts lately. That just means they’ve been super boring and/or really quick and early in the morning. For example-this morning I grabbed a Thinkthin bar before Crossfit. And as much as I’m sure everyone wants to see the same picture every other morning….

So far this week my workouts have been good ones. Monday was my first run of half marathon training 2.0. It took me about 3 hours to get going…but hey, I still did it. I realized I haven’t A) done that run in my newer shoes and B) done that run since the beginning of my first half marathon training. I did a 3 mile run in my neighborhood. It’s pretty hilly, so it was great practice for the hills of SF. It’s a run I’ve done a million times throughout high school. I did it once, at the very beginning of my training, and was DYING. I was in pretty awful shape at the beginning of my training-after recovering from Mono a month or so prior, I never really got back into running shape. Well, the run was sooo much easier. It’s good to know the 10 weeks of training I put into for my first half helped me be in better shape. 

Confession: the whole time I was climbing the big hill I was think “I’m scaling this hill, just like Spiderman.” #facepalm

I refueled afterwards with an iced chai tea latte. A weak iced chai tea latte-because who has time for something to ACTUALLY brew fully?

ImageWhen I make my chai tea lattes, I brew the tea directly into the almond milk, which I heat up. Since I’m adding ice, I find it gets too watery if I brew it in water and then add milk. 

Aaaaand one last piece of deliciousness to leave you with. Remember how I said I wanted to bake Jenn’s chocolate chip banana bread but was a banana short? Well, I wasn’t just going to let a good banana go to waste. Or a good craving for chocolate chip banana bread to go to waste. Instead, I whipped up a concoction that turned out to be a pretty awesome banana chocolate chip custard. So let’s go with that. 

ImageImageI don’t have the exact recipe. But there’s only one solution to that-I’ll have to make it again and measure it out! I kind of just poured and mashed, but I used 1 banana, liquid egg whites, a dash of salt and baking powder, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Have a great day everybody! I’m sorry this post was a bit disjointed-I was a bit behind on food posts so I kind of just threw it all out there. I’ll leave you with some kitty love.

ImageI really wanted to take a selfie with him-because I’m cool and take selfies with my cat…but I didn’t get quite that angelic facial expression…

ImageDo you love microwave cooking as much as I do? What’s the best way to train for a hilly race? Favorite summer produce? Anyone else take selfies with their cats? Please?

14 comments on “WIAW-Summertime Loving

  1. Eating 4 Balance

    I used to love microwave cooking during my first semester at college. Protein muffins galore!! 😀 I can’t eat protein powder or flours now though, but someday I’ll hop back on that train. I love how easy they are to make!!

    The sugar-free dark chocolate sounds great. I actually prefer 100% dark chocolate over milk chocolate or the sweeter varieties. I just really like the bitter flavor.

    1. Aurora

      I do too! I can’t really even eat milk chocolate anymore.

  2. jessielovestorun

    Girl, you made out at the farmers market. So many good finds. Nothing beats fresh fruit & vegetables 🙂

    1. Aurora

      I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  3. Natasha

    Man you have definitely been enjoying some great eats lately!!!

    Ya, I pretty much only microwave cook lol – life of a college student 🙂

    I love berries SO MUCH! Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries…berries, berries, berries!!

    And I’m glad you posted about the Chobani flip, because I’ve been hesitant to try them, so I think I’ll past. I’ll stick with plain greek yogurt!

    Oh, and finally, in regards to training for a hilly race, go for runs, and just find the hills, and run them. I always make sure that each run I do has a good amount of elevation. It takes time to get good at hills, but just keep at it. Also, make sure you SPRINT up them, and then when you guys to the top, go faster. Ya, sounds hard and annoying, but it will get easy! Hope this helps


    1. Aurora

      Sprints on hills is a good idea-thank you!

  4. Amy

    Please make the banana choc chip custard again… deff need that recipe!

    1. Aurora

      I will as soon as my bananas are ripe enough!

  5. Davida @The Healthy Maven

    Everything looks so good!!! I’ve never tried white raspberries before. Ditto to Amy, Banana Choc Chop Custard recipe please!

    1. Aurora

      It’s coming soon! Hopefully Thursday or Friday!

  6. Health, Love, and Chocolate

    Golden raspberries! I’m always so excited when I find them. You should try a chai concentrate, they sell a lot of different brands (I like Bhakti and The Chai Cart) sweetened or unsweetened and you just do half concentrate half milk. 🙂

    1. Aurora

      I’ll try that! Thanks!

  7. Little Miss Fit

    Kettle corn is literally my favorite snack food of all time. It’s one of my favorite parts of summertime because all of the fairs have kettle corn, freshly made in the huge kettles. I love it! Sweet and salty 🙂 Also, I love mushrooms. I love grilling them in summer!

    P.S. adorable cat!

    1. Aurora

      Thank you!

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