Happy Wednesday! That means, it’s time for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday. Thanks so much to Jenn (who is welcoming a new little human to the world pretty soon!)


I’ll make this post pretty short-I need to study for tomorrow’s Psych final! But all you really care about is food anyways, right??

One quick aside-I went to yoga today. Owwww. I haven’t been in over a month and I’ve gotten soooo tight! Lack of yoga could definitely contributed to my calf problem-it felt much looser after class. I need to make weekly yoga a priority as I train for my next run! And just to clarify-I’m only doing the half of the Nike Women’s marathon. To be honest, my feet couldn’t handle more than that. Exhibit A: It’s a week and a half since my last half and I’m still waiting to regain some of the feeling in my toe. So until I get that figured out….

Ok, onto the food. As you may know, I’m doing a no sugar challenge this week. I’m not doing 0 sugar, just no desserts. So a lot of my eats will feature healthier, no sugar “desserts.” Enjoy!

ImageBreakfast burrito pre-roll. Tip: make the eggs for this in the microwave. It saves dishes and time-the texture is only a tiny bit off and you can’t even tell in burrito form.

ImageBreakfast burrito post-roll.

ImageLunch sides require their own plate.

ImageTortilla pizza fail-I sort of overestimated the amount of toppings necessary. This was all cheese and sauce. Whoops…ImageFirst “dessert.” I’ve been loving my fruit bowls lately-especially anything with peaches and banana, topped with sunflower seed butter. ImageIndian food out of a pouch-hey, good enough for me!

ImageImitation coconut Chobani. I can’t find anything but the coconut flips, so I took matters into my own hands. After attempt #1, this was spot on. I used Oikos vanilla greek yogurt, which was a better choice because it’s slightly sweeter than my normal vanilla yogurts. I added unsweetened coconut and, this was the key I was missing, coconut extract. I then let it sit overnight so the coconut would soften up. DELICIOUS.

ImageI’ve been loving my lunch plates lately. Where’s the other half of the English muffin you ask? I had the biggest fail splitting it, so it came off in chunks unfit for the toaster.

I took it as a great sign that I was craving grapes for dessert after this meal. I’ve also been loving my dried mango lately (the unsweetened kind). But that could just be major mango withdrawals-I haven’t found much fresh mango lately.

ImageCheesy polenta with mushrooms, a side of asparagus.

ImageAnother delicious fruit bowl as a post-softball snack. (I finally hit a homerun!)

ImageImitation PB&J crackers. Sunflower seed butter and a raspberry on top of a whole grain and seed cracker. 

ImageAnd I’ll leave you with this 🙂 How can I possibly study with that face to distract me?

Sorry for the short-winded post, I have lots of studying in my near future!

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week? What does your cat look like? Have you ever gone dessertless? Results?

12 comments on “WIAW-Dessertless

  1. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    Mhmm great eats lately! I love the idea of doing an easy breakfast burrito with eggs in the microwave- so easy!

    1. Aurora

      Yeah! Especially for dorm room cooking!

  2. jessielovestorun

    Love your dinner plate!!! Oh & of course all of your meals look good.. but in all seriousness, don’t they always??

    1. Aurora

      Aw thanks! You’re so sweet!

  3. Amy

    Congrats on the home run! Fruit bowls with nut butter are such a great dessert. Totally satisfy most cravings.

    1. Aurora

      Thanks! And I couldn’t agree more!

  4. Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    Oh look at that silly kitty, so cute 🙂 I’m with Amy, the fruit bowls are a perfect dessert! I never feel guilty after eating them 🙂

    1. Aurora


  5. Emma @ Life's A Runner

    I’m so excited to try Sunbutter now that I am almost done with my other nut butters! I will definitely have to put it on top of some peaches, that looks SO delicious! 🙂

    1. Aurora

      Definitely try it! I love it!

    1. Aurora

      Thanks 🙂

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