Happy Friday! Anyone planning on getting together with friends this weekend? I have the perfect game for you. (Ok, maybe it’s more of a workout…but still!)

Have you played Never Have I Ever? There are a ton of variations on this game. You go around and say things you’ve never done, and if the people in your group have done them, they lose a straw, put a finger down, etc. The goal is to find things that you haven’t done that most others have. But here’s the catch. Instead of putting a finger down, we’re going to steal some fitness! ImageAssign a move to each person-this is the exercise everyone who has done the thing must complete for that person. 

Example: Person 1 is Susie. Susie’s move is 25 burpees. Susie has never been to Europe but I have, so I have to do 25 burpees. Tom’s move is jump squats. He states he has never had Mono, but I have so I have to do 25 jump squats. Get creative-make each other suffer! 

Here are some ideas for workout moves:


Squat jumps




Deadlifts with a milk carton 


Calf raises

The possibilities are endless! And remember:

Friends make friends suffer. 🙂

Have you ever player Never Have I Ever? What is one thing you haven’t done?

4 comments on “Never Have I Ever….

  1. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    Such a fun idea for a workout! Usually “never have I ever” for me is played as a drinking game, so it’s safe to say that I’ve never done burpees while playing it 😉

    1. Aurora


  2. emilysmilesformiles27

    That’s such a good idea! It would be so much fun to do with the CC team!

    1. Aurora

      Yeah! Let me know how it goes!

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