Lately, I’ve been writing up some posts to save for a rainy day, and I’ve come across a ton of pictures from the past few years in my iPhoto that are kind of odd, or describe me a little too well. So enjoy! And maybe learn a little more about how crazy I am!

ImageNeon frosting. I think we added a little too much food coloring…

ImageThis could have come out a lot better…

ImageImageSomehow our gingerbread house turned into a murder scene…


ImageImageThis was a major fail-I’m technologically challenged. I was looking through the wrong part. Which shouldn’t be possible…Let’s just say I’m not the one that takes pictures when my friends get together.

ImageI can’t explain why I have an egg in a piece of cardboard…

ImageHamster ball fun.

ImageSworn Enemies.

ImageHow is that possibly comfortable??Image

Why is this significant? This was 2009. That guy is still in my freezer. When baking him, the leg broke off so I made him a little frosting cast. Naturally, as a result, my sister became attached to him, and wouldn’t let anyone eat him or throw him away. He’s still there because my mom is worried it will upset my sister too much if she gets rid of him. My sister is 21….

Well, that’s all for today! I’ll possibly do another photo dump at some point in the future! 

What weird or funny pictures do you have?

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