Hey guys! I just wanted to pop in here really quickly before WIAW with my Summer Shape Up Week-whatever goal!


Last week’s goal was to make a reasonable meal and exercise plan and stick with it. Along with my attempts to avoid snacking, this actually worked out pretty well. I got all my workout in, with the exception of the hiccup that was Wednesday’s run-but I was only a mile short so it’s close enough! The problem? It was really hard to plan things so far out in advance, so I didn’t plan the weekend….so my weekend eating could have been more organized. Next time, I think I need to do a mid-week check in on meals for the rest of the week. 

Now before you see tomorrow’s WIAW, remember that it includes things I ate before writing up this post. ANYWAYS. My goal is to eat gluten-free for a week. I’ve stuck to mostly eating this way, with a few notable exceptions. Here’s what happens. Since I haven’t yet gotten tested, I start believing that gluten doesn’t affect me-I’m still not sure. However, this little guy convinced me otherwise. 
After a healthy lunch, I figured it would be fine. And, the whole cafeteria smelled like chocolate chip cookies! Well, I got a stomachache immediately after eating this. At first I thought, well that’s not necessarily the flour. But then I got the whole foggy-headed-can’t-stay-awake thing during my class. That convinced me even more. 

Another thing-I’m starting to get a gut feeling that gluten gives me a stomachache. Really scientific, I know. You know how when you get food poisoning from a certain food one time, and then afterwards, thinking about that food makes you feel sick? I don’t exactly get that, yet I can just FEEL flour is doing it to me. When I think about these foods, stomachaches come to mind. It’s kind of like the whole nut thing. When my face first started breaking out like crazy and I was searching for the cause, I had a feeling it was nuts, yet I couldn’t quite believe it. Now, I’m 100% sure because I never eat them anymore and my face is fine, but occasionally when I have a little peanut butter, my face goes insane. So that’s this week’s goal. So what’s been going on in my life?

I got a flat tire yesterday. From running over a rock…what? 
This is no where near how flat it got-luckily I was super close to where I was going, and it didn’t even deflate enough for me to tell until I looked at it. When we went to the tire place, the guy looked at all the tires on the car and determined that they’re starting to crack. The tires are 8 years old, and apparently when they get old they get brittle and start cracking, meaning that at any moment, most likely at high speeds, they were likely to blow out. So this whole flat tire thing might have been a blessing in disguise. I’m going to be driving this car an hour on the highway every day, and I can’t even imagine how bad a blow out could be. 

There’s a dent on the inside of the rim which has to be fixed before we even get new tires, so for now I’m rocking the spare tire. 
Notice that little the spot where it says 50 mph max? Yeah, I’m going to be a real speed demon these next few days. I either can’t take the highway, or will be that obnoxious person chugging along in the right lane 20 mph below the speed limit. Yeah, I think I’ll stay off the highway. 

And since I owe you a food picture, here’s last night’s dinner. 
Potato and corn chowder topped with cheddar cheese, along with asparagus. Yum!

And one last thing. For a while Matt has been encouraging me to do a Whole 30. So here’s the plan. I’m going to take it slow and start with a Whole7 (7 days instead of 30), and then go from there. Here’s the ingenious part-I’m going to do it the first week back at school. there are a few reasons for this, the main one being that the first week is an opportunity to start setting new habits in a new environment, so why not start off super healthy? Also, my parents won’t hate me for bringing more food restrictions into our house, I can grocery shop before I get to school, and the food at school that’s non-Whole30 isn’t really that great so I’ll be less likely to be tempted. So that’s that! See you all tomorrow for WIAW!

Have you ever gotten a flat tire? What happened?

2 comments on “Speed Demon

  1. Sky @ The Blonde In Black

    I grew up on farm and was surrounded by dirt roads so flat tires have been pretty common in my life. Rockin the spare tire always sucks. I hate it, but I had no idea they made ones that can’t go above 50 mph. Props to you for trying the Whole30 in the Whole7 version. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    1. Aurora

      Yeah I’m not really sure WHY it can’t go over 50…And I’ll definitely let you know how the Whole7 goes!

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