Wow, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a normal post…you know, one where at the end of the day I sit down and recap my day?

Well, here are a few eats from yesterday. Lunch was a baked yam, along with a salad consisting of Spicy Avocado hummus and a hard boiled egg. So simple, yet so delicious!
Yesterday was also my first day of my Healthy Psychology class. It really got me thinking about the definition of health…but that is a post for another day! We’re sticking to normal, shallow posting today!

Dinner after class was also quite delicious. I had an enchilada chicken salad from PaleOMG. A salad with two of my favorite foods in the world? Sign me up! (avocados and mangoes, if you didn’t figure out what they were).
Then, today was another fairly early morning at the kitten nursery! My favorite litter is still there, but they’re gotten much bigger! They’ll be moving into foster care soon as now they’re some of the oldest in the nursery! I wish I had a good photo of them, but they’re not too keen on sitting still. Since they are older and have more energy, they are quite the handful. Especially considering they were a handful 2 weeks ago when they were much younger. I was taking care of them when I realized one of them was looking up at my with the most adorable green-blue eyes. What I didn’t realize was that he was calculating…he jumped right up onto my shoulder! In other kitten nursery news, one of the younger kittens fell asleep in my arms. CUTEST. THING. EVER. I need to get some pictures of the younger kittens for you guys!

After my shift, I headed straight to a bike trail. In theory, I was supposed to do a 5 mile training run for my half, and then ride my newly fixed bike. I wasn’t really feeling the run yet though (spoiler: the run never happened), so I decided to do the bike ride first. This trail is seriously so pretty, and perfect for biking or for my long runs. I already have Sunday’s run all planned out. I wished I had my phone, as the views of the bay were gorgeous. It was such a nice and clear day, so there was a good view of San Francisco. 
This trail connects to the place I ran last week, so I wanted to see how long the whole stretch was. I didn’t actually go all the way to the end, but it’s pretty long. 
I ended up at 19 miles. Oh how I wish these stats were for a run and not a bike ride! I think my ideal biking distance is between 10 and 15 miles. At the end it just seemed long and I wasn’t enjoying myself as much. Plus, the wind really picked up by the end. Since it’s along the bay, it gets pretty crazy, so I have to get my long runs in on the early side. I refueled from my ride with a chai tea latte, made with almond milk and mint leaves. 
And a delicious bowl of leftovers! Leftover enchilada chicken, mashed avocado, mango, and leftover spaghetti squash (because why not?).
Plus some leftover frozen birthday cake!
(And a leftover photo!)

I spent the afternoon napping, snacking, and thinking about my future fitness goals and eating plans/philosophies. Yeahh still working on that…

On a related note, my workouts haven’t really been getting done lately. And I miss lifting weights SO much but it’s hard to fit into my running schedule because I would like to not start out my 10 mile run in pain. Because I know I will sure as heck end it with my legs in pain! I think I’m also suffering from the gym not being a 4 minute bike ride away. And from lack of a schedule. I don’t really want to try and lift when the gym is super busy either. Problems…Either way, I guess I’ll shift my focus more to weights after my half. 

Since I had a slow pitch softball game tonight and I snacked all afternoon, I attempted a light dinner (although the leftover apple and sunflower seed butter may have unseeded this).
An EXTREMELY open faced sandwich. You know, as in no bread at all. Spinach, mustard/mayo, almond milk cheese, onions, turkey, and apple, all heated up in the microwave (because I was too lazy to put it in the oven).

The game went well, and was fun once again. I went 3 for 4, and my team won. I rolled my ankle again, which really stinks because a) I wasn’t even doing anything and b) it was just starting to be mostly better! Darn it. The ankle doesn’t bother me running, but I have a feeling that 10 miles in enough to find any weakness in my legs. 10 miles seems so intimidating, and I’m kind of terrified. I feel like once I have 10 under my belt, 11, 12, and 13.1 are all basically the same. (I feel like I’m horribly wrong about this!) I guess only time will tell!

I also wanted to ask you guys about self-hosting. I want to make “Fitness is Sweet” shirts to wear during my half (yayy shameless self-promotion) but I’m ready to be done with the “” I could either buy the domain through wordpress, or get self hosted. Any advice? I feel like being self hosted makes sense at some point in the future of this blog, but I’m not really sure how it will affect things. Thoughts???

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  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    I got hosted through WordPress because I wanted to get a feel for how things are different and to make sure I really wanted to blog for a long time! WordPress costs about $35 I think to host through them. Site use is pretty much the same as unhosted but there’s a few differences. I know self hosting costs a lot more ($100+) and then you have to buy a layout (varies… Looking typically at $75). Although I wish I could play around with plugins and more layout choices, at this stage as a blogger, I’m really glad I went through WordPress! Ps- that trail is GORGEOUS

  2. Brittany @ DulceVie

    I can’t wait to be in San Fran 🙂 As for self-hosting, I use Site5.. but I hear that Blue host is pretty good. Site5 is just a bit pricey

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