Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing dad ever! (Since I know you will see this)- thanks for everything you have done for me-the hours spent at the softball field in catching in the backyard especially!


Since I’m a bit behind, let’s go through the weekend in pictures. Also- check out my guest post at Miranda Runs!

ImageNew shoes! I got them at the Nike outlet months ago and am finally breaking them out. I’m not sure how I feel about them yet-but I guess at this point it’s been almost a year since I got new running shoes…wow I was definitely not aware it was that long. ImageImageThe amazing shrinking power of spinach! I was mock Korean bowls for dinner the other night. I sauteed mushrooms and spinach with teriyaki sauce, then served that with garlic and herb quinoa-brown rice mixture and an egg.ImageImageObligatory cat photo. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should! fitnessissweet), you will be quite familiar with my cats. (But I swear that’s not ALL I post.)

I went back to Crossfit Saturday as well! We are still doing a ton of Intro stuff, but here’s a WOD for you all:

2′ on 1′ off


wall balls (ugh)


overhead squat (with pvc)

I got 166 reps total! So far I’ve only been going to Intro classes, but I intend on signing on for real, and hopefully doing more things. There is an on-ramp program where you go for a month and they teach you everything, in a more individualized way. I decided that even though I know the lifts, since it is individualized, it should be a good opportunity for me to work on my technique. ImagePost-Crossfit Indian food buffet. I generally don’t do too well at buffets, so I tried to load my plate up with salad (it’s under the yogurt sauce).Image

After lunch, I FINALLY made it out to Whole Foods. I tried some new-to-me products:ImageI have been out of my probiotic supplement for like 2 weeks now, and we haven’t been to stores that carry them. After reading about how awesome Kevita is on Lauren‘s blog, I decided to give it a try! It was good! I’m actually not a fan of things that are sparkly, but I enjoyed it! They also make coconut mango, but Whole Foods was out. I bet that flavor would be sooo good. ImageI found this in the gluten free section, and I was pumped! I am kind of trying to avoid gluten, and I was looking for an alternative to put on yogurt to granola. Let me tell you-this stuff is delicious! It’s chocolatey, with the perfect amount of crunch! I can’t wait to try it in yogurt. ImageI interpreted these to be a healthier version of Doritos, which they basically were. And another bonus-they weren’t neon orange! Haha. Image

Saturday night I also went to the fair with my best friends from high school!

Fair food:

ImageImageIn terms of healthiness, I certainly could have done worse!

My absolute favorite part of the fair is the pig races. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the pig races, basically, a whole bunch of miniature pigs or piglets run around a small track, while the crowd cheers them on. ImageImage

We also went on the ferris wheel. I’m kind of afraid of heights, so I haven’t been on a ferris wheel in a really long time, and I had no idea what to expect. It was simultaneously awesome and terrifying. ImageImageI may or may not have had a death grip on the pole in the middle the whole time though…ImageThe view from the top!

Since this is already pretty long, I’ll recap Sunday tomorrow. I have to go to bed-I have a big day planned! Early morning abs class plus some lifting on my own, and then my first Bikram class with a friend! I may go to spin in the evening with a different friend if I am still alive (doubtful). Any advice for surviving yoga in a 105 degree room? Hey, if I can play softball in that kind of heat, this should be fine, right??

Have you ever done hot yoga? Thoughts?

6 comments on “Scenes from the Weekend

  1. Christine

    Pig races? That sounds like the CUTEST thing ever! I’ve never tried a probiotic drink, but pop chips are amazing :). I missed the fair we had in town, but yours looks like it was so much fun! Ferris wheels are the best 😉

    1. Aurora

      I can’t believe it has been this long since I’ve been on one! So pretty at night!

  2. skylar35

    I haven’t done hot yoga yet, but I hear it’s amazing! I bet you’ll be fine just a little sweaty. Ahhh I wish there was a Whole Foods near me! Keep it up with starting Crossfit! That’s another thing I wish was near me haha

    1. Aurora

      Awww that stinks!

  3. veggiesandchocolate

    My number one tip for Bikram… make sure you only breath in and out through your mouth. Mouth breathing stimulates the “fight-or-flight” response and elevates your heart rate, thereby causing you to become more tired/fatigued quickly. Not something you want in a very hot room!
    Also, another good tip for hot yoga, don’t get bothered by the sweat! Just let it roll 🙂
    You seem well accustomed to working out and sweating, but I know so many people get agitated by the amount of sweat they produce in a Bikram class (you will look like you just went swimming)… but just embrace it and immerse yourself in the yoga. Bikram is a lot about learning to be comfortable when you are uncomfortable. Have fun!

    1. Aurora

      Thank you so much! I feel a little better going in now!

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