Hey everybody! It is Thursday….which means officially one week until my first Crossfit class! That’s right, I signed up for the first Intro class offered when I get home. And the other benefit? It’s free! While I am totally pumped, I’m not looking for the initial stages of everything. Every time you start a new workout regime, there is always that adjustment period where you have to get comfortable with everything and familiar with all the exercises. And it will be a little different for me since I know all the Olympic lifts already…I don’t really want to relearn everything! I remember going to the gym to lift weights with my trainer for the first time the summer after my sophomore year of high school…I was sitting there thinking, “I am never going to be comfortable here!” Hah. Little did I know I would fall head over heels in love with weight lifting and that gym in general! And speaking of weights, I did my Leg Demolisher workout again! I do those sets of 8 minutes of back squats so often…while it is still hard, I am never as tired or sore afterwards anymore. I need to mix it up! Either change the amount of rest, the duration, or the weight. Or maybe try it with front squats! When I woke up yesterday, I was not feeling a workout, and I dragged around a bit before getting there. But while I was there, I was thinking, “I have never regretted a workout.” Haha, how cliche of me!

Since I had fresh-non-dining hall milk in the fridge, I was drawn to it after a sweaty workout! This is another habit from my trainer. He always told me to drink chocolate milk after my workouts. I used to drink Silk Chocolate Soymilk, since we always had it around, and then I advanced to either plain milk or homemade chocolate milk with honey and cocoa powder, because it was less sweet.ย 

Sadly, I am out of paper cups. That’s what I get for eating literally everything out of them! Sign. My choices were either a mason jar or a mug. I decided to take the hipster route.ย ImageIs it possible to make a glass of milk artsy?

Yesterday I was sitting outside at lunchtime, in the broad daylight (if that wasn’t obvious) when I saw this guy:ImageHow cute is he? I’ve never seen raccoons during the day before. He was just scrounging around for food, and climbing in the trashcan!

After class (it was my last day of classes! One of my Professors got all choked up!), I decided to take a much needed nap. I set my alarm to get up for yoga, but when it went off, I was soooo groggy (and hungry!) that I canned the idea of yoga. Plenty of time for that in the summer!ImageDinner! Greek salad with hummus, potatoes, a stuffed tomato, and cheese enchilada. I really didn’t like the cheese enchilada-it was nothing but cheese and soggy tortilla!-so I went back for chicken instead. Overall, a very satisfying dinner. My friend also make coconut brad, which was sooo good! Hint-it is partly my inspiration for a baking experiment I am planning ๐Ÿ™‚

I stayed up too late last night. When my alarm went off for spin, I kind of felt like I had been run over my an 18 wheeler, so I decided, hey, there’s all summer for spin (noticing a theme here?) It was unfortunate, because I really shouldn’t have had to be up so late but I had to turn in a group project my midnight and at 11:45, I still was waiting on my group.ย 

Sugar that was consumed last night probably didn’t help my morning state. I went to a birthday party last night, and then later to an event by the Chem club with more sweets. Do you guys ever feel like this? I like to call it a sugar hangover. Headache, sluggish, stomachache…But I mean lack of sleep obviously isn’t helping matters! Plus, I only just realized that my legs are actually pretty sore from yesterday…

I went to a dining hall I recently discovered, and I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR SALAD BAR. That was where I got the Greek salad with hummus last night! Check out this bad boy!ImagePlus, they have yogurt! Which I had some of later. Corn, carrots, soybeans, black beans, tomatoes, broccoli, some random grain mix, and shredded tuna. As a general rule, I don’t like tuna. I have lived with cats all my life, and it reminds me WAY too much of cat food. But I actually enjoyed this. In a “this tastes kind of weird but it’s good for me so I like it
ย kind of way. I’ll take it!

It’s so weird for me to blog mid-day. I almost always blog at night, although I suppose everything will change come summer. I can see myself at Starbucks with my computer between my AM spin and yoga classes. And from my spring break experiences, blogging at night does not work because I usually end up watching baseball or TV with my family.ย 

I’m planning on today being a low key day. It’s dead day. I’m not sure why it is just one day. The other quarters had Dead Week (although those had classes all week). FInals start tomorrow, and go Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, although all of mine are Monday or Tuesday. Plans for the day include a 4 mile training run, and catching up on my reading. In Psych, we’re reading about mental illness. I thought it would be a great supplement to watch a film on mental illness, but Netflix stinks and has hardly any movies available for streaming…Any suggestions?

Have you ever done Crossfit? What did you think? Any advice?

How do you feel about new workout regimens?ย 

15 comments on “Crossfit Countdown and Dead Day

  1. Christine

    I’ve heard that chocolate milk is the perfect mix of carbs and protein, your version looks delish ;).

    Good luck with finals! I have two back-to-back on Saturday as well :/

    1. Aurora

      Good luck to you too!

  2. Beth @ Mangoes and Miles

    That’s one of the most artsy cups of milk I’ve ever seen. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your dinner and salad looks fabulous. My freshman year, we had a great salad bar…and then it got a little less special this year. It made me so sad. ๐Ÿ™

      1. Aurora


    1. Aurora

      Haha thanks! Anything gets old when you have to eat it day. After day. After day.

  3. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    Hahahah “the hipster route” SO TRUE. I’m so excited to hear about how crossfit goes!!

    1. Aurora

      I’ll definitely let you guys know!

  4. moderngirlnutrition

    I hope you have a blast at Crossfit! And I love how you said the hipster route lol!

    1. Aurora

      Thanks! I can’t wait!

  5. Kaitlin

    Is love to try cross-fit but haven’t found a place yet. Ok I haven’t tried that hard. I know what you mean about sugar! For some reason I notice the effects more and last night’s cookie dough adventure was not fun haha

    1. Aurora

      Haha oh no!

  6. Alyssa @ Road to RD

    Uh oh, seeing a raccoon like that in daylight usually means he’s sick! Hope he doesn’t have rabies. Can’t wait to hear about your first cross-fit experience ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Aurora

      I’m excited!

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