How’s everyone’s weekend going? On the one hand, I feel like I’ve had a very productive weekend. On the other hand, I also feel like I have spent a good deal of it sleeping, although sleep is definitely productive in my book! As I said before, last week was kind of a rough week, and it is finally watching up to me! Or maybe this whole quarter of not sleeping enough (and for no good reason either, now that I’m not doing crew! Oh well, Spring quarter here is a thing-it is super relaxed!).

Friday night, I dressed up and actually wore heals for my sorority’s fancy dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I’m not really sure what I think about the Cheesecake Factory. To be honest, it kind of intimidates me! My sister is in my sorority, and since we were sitting together, she suggested we order an appetizer of guac. And we all know that is one thing I am not going to pass up on!

I since we had an appetizer, I ordered an interesting sounding salad for dinner. It had a bunch of different veggies, including beets. I am convinced that I can like beets, I just need to find the proper preparation for me. I was about to dig in when I exclaimed to my sister, “Oh no, I’m being a bad blogger!” I then proceeded to grab my phone and snap a picture. ImageThis picture does not do this salad justice- it was massive!

I wasn’t planning on having any cheesecake, but after a few bites of my sister’s mango key lime cheesecake, I was convinced. ImageImage

For the record, before taking this picture, I warned her it was going on the blog! The cheesecake was delicious but SO RICH. We saved the leftovers to take home to her boyfriend. However, my sister reminded me AFTER the cheesecake that we still had to run that time. Heh. 

I was very concerned for the run, but it turned out to be fine. We ran on a Friday night during prime party time, and it was interesting to run by party-goers. We got a whole bunch of “Why are you running now?”

Saturday was a fairly productive day, at least in the morning. I had plans to work out after lunch, but then a 4 hour nap happened, and I ran out of time before my evening events. Hey, if I am going to sleep for 4 hours, I obviously need it! Hence the R&R. I’ll have plenty of time for exercise in a week!

First on tap for Saturday night was a banquet for my dorm. We all dressed up and enjoyed a dinner of non-dining hall Greek food!ImageWe also did Superlatives which was a ton of fun! Some of them were hilarious, and all of them were spot-on. Surprisingly, mine was not “Most Likely to be Awake at 5am.” Here’s mine:Image

How cute is that? 

After dinner, we watched a slideshow. We saw pictures from move-in day in the fall! It was so sad! The saddest part though was a song. There is a guy in my dorm that writes parodies of popular songs, with the parodies being about how awesome out dorm is, and then performs them with his guitar. We listened to all the songs from this year, plus a new one that was sooo sad. I am going to miss all these people so much! I never really realized what a great community I have in my dorm. 

After that, I went to a sorority party planned by the pledges. We used my theme idea-neon. Hey, I’ll take any excuse to wear workout clothes! 

I slept unusually late this morning, and am considering taking another nap. I don’t know what it is!

Also, I just wanted to clarify something. I’ve posted before about my No Sugar challenges, and I want to discuss a little bit about the reasoning behind them. It isn’t because I believe sugar is an off-limits food that should be avoided at all costs. I’m all about eating whatever you want as part of a balanced diet. It’s not that I think “Oh no, if I eat any chocolate, I’m going to gain so much weight.” The reason is that I have a really bad physical reaction to sugar. The worst is it makes me literally crazy-it completely alters my hormone levels. It also raises my body temperature. Yes, I actually get a measurable fever from sugar, I’ve tested it. I have trouble thinking clearly as well, and I get stomachaches a lot of the time. It also has this very addictive hold over me- whenever I eat it, it is hard for me to stop at a reasonable amount. And the newest thing- since I’ve been eating sweets this week I’ve had this nagging headache, which is really irritating. It can’t be a coincidence that it started exactly when I started eating sweets again. So that’s my rationale. I have a very strange and purely physical reaction to sugar, and most of the time it just isn’t worth how it makes me feel. In the future, I don’t intend to never eat sugar again, but I feel more sane when I avoid it!ImageImageImage

(Because this post didn’t have many pictures!)

Do you have a food that makes you feel yucky?

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  1. Beth @ Mangoes and Miles

    Is that falafel?! Falafel is SO good. I once tried making it from scratch with a friend…that didn’t turn out extraordinarily well. (We still ate all of it, of course…)

    1. Aurora

      Yeah! My sister made really amazing falafel once

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