Hey guys! I swear one of these days I’m going to try a What I Ate Wednesday…but today is not the day. I’m going to go through some snapshots of my day instead.

I began my morning with a run. I had been planning on taking the morning off and going to quidditch conditioning again, but it was just going to be regular practice, and that’s not really my thing. Instead, I decided to get my butt running, a category I have seriously been lacking in lately. It was not fun. I keep wondering why running hurts so much now…and then I realize it is because I never do it. Oops. I did campus loop, which is 3.7 miles (according to my Garmin). I finished in a minute faster than last time, so I guess I’ll take it…Seeing my pace on my Garmin definitely does make me speed up though. Also, today it finally dawned on me that in less than 3 months I will be running for over 2 hours straight in my half marathon…so yeah. I am going to try to work running into my schedule more now so I’m somewhat prepared for my training to start. Training for training…heh. 

After my run, I had my patented YOGURT in a jar. Pshh way better than oats. Not that I’ve actually tried oats yet….I should get on that. Also, I would like to note how proud I am for taking longer to use up my jar of sunflower seed butter.ImageImage

(Sorry it’s sideways!)

Now here are some snapshots of my day:ImageIt’s been cold here lately! Well. Ok, that’s not exactly true. It’s been deceptively cold. Warmer in the morning (aka when I get dressed) and colder starting midmorning. So I was cold in my light sweater. ImageImage

My dining hall had Mexican food today! And Mexican food=GUAC=YAY. I forgot to put lettuce underneath, so I took the picture pre-lettuce.
The tragedy of the day: my cocoa powder decided to dump itself all over my floor again…at least it didn’t dump straight into my white clothes this time…
Have a great Wednesday!
How often do you run?

6 comments on “I Gotta Run

  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    I spilled my PB2 all over my table this morning adding it to my overnight oats! Ugh haha!

    1. astottler

      That’s the worst. Such a waste of good food too!

  2. sushisushibento

    I’m training for my first 5k so I try to run at least 5 times a week (as I’m not a runner and I’m still building up to running a solid 5k). I love running in the morning 🙂 it wakes me up and gets me out in the sun.

    1. astottler

      The weather is always so nice in the morning too!

    1. astottler

      It is the best!

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