Happy Thursday! I’m going to be in Yosemite this weekend with my dorm, so look for a guest post! There is no Wifi there so…

Guess what? Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m gonna be 19! I like that age. It sounds like a good number. I don’t know, I guess some ages sound weird to me. For example, 12 and 13. Everyone knows it is that horrible pre-teen phase…And 18 sounds…well barely legal. Yeah, 19 is a good number. Since tomorrow begins a new year in my life, I’ve been doing some thinking…But let’s get through my day first. Morning spin…nothing new but still kick butt. Since I had one of these babies last night, I wasn’t terribly hungry.


This is possibly my favorite cupcake…ever. It was coconut with raspberry frosting. YUM. But it was late at night….and here’s the bad part. I had to stay up late (for me) to finish a paper, and I knew I needed energy…so I turned to food. Yogurt bowl anyone? I would have drunk coffee but I waned to be able to sleep as soon as I was done…but eating at night means stomachache for Aurora. So I went with a light breakfast. Image

Hey, it got the job done! At my 9 am class, we learned how to handle lab mice, which was awesome. And got me thinking about possibly having mice as pets in my dorm next year. Or a guinea pig. Thoughts? To be clear, they’re strictly prohibited. But they have to actually catch you. I’m such a rebel, I know.

Lunch was a veggie scramble with garlic hummus, asparagus, onion, mushrooms, and nutrition yeast, which I topped with pesto after the fact. Image

Plus a million carrots with sunflower seed butter. I’m actually trying to wean myself off of it, given I eat so much of it….

After lunch, I met up with my family for a birthday celebration picnic.


Devil’s food cake with vanilla buttercream. The best.


It was really nice to enjoy the weather and chat.

The only other really notable thing from my day was a power yoga class which was really awesome. It was probably my best day at doing the crow pose. Funny story…I’ve had a yoga teacher laugh at me before…by doing a faceplant while doing the crow. Here’s the crow:


As you can see, if you shift too far forward, you’re in trouble. Because your hands are occupied. And the only thing to break your fall is your face…

But on to the meat of this post….I’ve been doing some thinking. Remember that sugar challenge I talked about about a week ago? Notice how I haven’t mentioned it lately? That’s because I broke it. On like the second day…I am in the habit of not posting snacks and sweets that I eat on the blog, not because I’m trying to deceive you but because I don’t think to take pictures. And let’s just say that my daily sugar intake hasn’t been too great lately…

Yesterday, I went to quidditch conditioning. It felt…kind of awful. I felt heavy. My legs felt heavy. We did a lot of the agility drills I used to do for softball…except last time I did them I was in great shape, and now…it was a bit of a wake up call. And on top of that…


My half marathon training starts at the end of this month! I seriously need to start treating myself better and be more careful about what I put into my body if I want to stick to a fairly intense running schedule. Especially since I want to keep up some of my other workouts.

Here’s what July looks like:


The mileage adds up pretty quickly. And I have hardly been running at all lately…

So it’s time for a change. I’ve been really trying to work on intuitive eating lately, but sugar completely throws me off. I cannot feel my body’s signals with sugar. And I’m drawn to more sugar. So. I’m going to attempt something a bit drastic. The daily maximum added sugar intake is recommended to be no more than 25 grams. I’m going to attempt to stick to this. And more drastic and scary…I want to give up sweets for the rest of the school year. This isn’t a permanent situation, I just want to reset my body so that I can actually listen to its cues. And I realize that I have failed on my last sugar challenges, but this time will be different…because I’m going to tell people. That way I won’t be the only one holding me accountable. I truly believe this is something I need to do for my healthy. I’m worried that if my body isn’t prepared for my training, I’m going to get injured. Plus I KNOW I’ll feel better. So that’s what is going on with me. In 1 hour, I will be 19! And I’m pumped for my weekend in Yosemite with some of my awesome friends! And since I had my birthday cake today…I’m good to go to start my sugar challenge as I start my 19th year on this planet!

Have you ever run a half marathon? How was the training?

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