Hey guys! I just wanted to pop in since I won’t get a chance later (I only have an hour after class before I leave and I’m thinking packing might be a priority….)

First order of business: check out my guest post here! It’s my first guest post, so I’m super excited! And awesome that it happened on my birthday! 

Let’s recap the beginning of my birthday. I can safely say that I have never begun celebrating at 12:01. But at my school we have a little tradition where the birthday boy/girl gets thrown in the shower at midnight. It’s interesting- a whole bunch of people find said person, and parade/carry (depending on how resistant the person is) the person to the shower, all while singing Happy Birthday in a grim and ominous way. I was determined to avoid this, but I decided to give in and at least do it smart. I took a shower at 11:30, and left my towel wrap on, so when I was time for my obligatory shower, I was already wet and not in real clothes. I was actually surprised by how many of my friends came out to shower me!

And then my wonderful roommate baked a cake. ImageChocolate bundt cake with avocado frosting! If you don’t already know, I most definitely have a thing for avocados. It was so amazing! And I swear I didn’t break my no sugar as I start my 19th year thing…it was only midnight and I wasn’t born until the evening. 😉 Saved by a technicality? I’ll take it. 

I was up bright and early this morning to complete one of my all time favorite workouts, which I seem to keep posting…but here it is again!ImageThis workout is tailored to the equipment available at the gym here at school, which is probably why I do it so often. 

Ok, that’s all I have for now! Have a great day! I know I will!

What do you do for your birthday? Any wacky traditions?

7 comments on “Birthday!

  1. Theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine

    AVOCADO CHOCOLATE CAKE?!?!? Oh my goodness I am counting down the days until my birthday so I can make some give me that cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    1. astottler

      Thanks! It was so good! I’m not sure if the cake actually had avocados but the icing did!

  2. Andrea

    Happy, happy birthday!!!

    1. astottler

      Thank you!

    1. astottler

      Thanks! And it’s actually really delicious!

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