Whew, I’m kind of behind on posting. I didn’t post at first because nothing interesting in my life was happening, and then I got busy! So let’s just go through some pictures from the weekend and I’ll talk about my weekend there. ImageHeehee, yogurt bowl. Nothing new here. ImageImageImageI really want spin shoes!ImageThis is the point in my week where I ran out of yogurt, so my snack was egg beaters and pesto. Hey, you could do worse. ImageFriday evening picnic because 3 of my friends had birthdays that week. Lots of good food and veggies! Including guac…can’t complain.ImageSuch a nice evening on the “lake.” 30 years ago there was an actual lake here, but they stopped filling it so it is only full in the winter. There’s still some water though!ImageSaturday morning breakfast finished off my egg beaters, which was more or less the last food I had left in my dorm. Saturday morning also featured a hike with an upperclassman in my sorority. She is a Biology major as well, so we had a great time chatting away. I run this trail all the time (in theory…) but never think to take pics, so here it is! ImageImageImageImageAfter the hike, I was more than ready for Mexican food Saturday brunch, featuring guacamole!ImageImageA VERY typical snack for me 🙂ImageThe point in my weekend where I stopped caring that I ran out of yogurt and started stealing my roommate’s. It’s ok, I repaid her in chocolate hazelnut butter. ImageYogurt in a jar definitely rivals oats in a jar. And I’m taking credit for it. ImageWhat is this? A meal on a non-paper plate? That’s right! I went home yesterday to work out at my gym there and enjoy delicious food. Mashed sage yams, brussels sprouts that are actually cooked, corn on the cob, and barbecue chicken. ImagePlus real fruit!ImageAnd this guy 🙂

And of course, baking. ImageI’m still unsure about posting the recipe because it was highly experimental. I liked it, but not sure that others would. ImageI majorly modified my favorite pumpkin bread recipe and ended up with what I will call Gluten Free Coconut Pumpkin Pudding Bread. 

Last night I lifted weights (my gym at home is SO much nicer), and this morning I went to abs class and did a spin class on my own that I wrote up for myself. SO I guess you could say I did a spin workout, but since I want to be a spin teacher, I designed it in a class format. 

Breakfast was a smoothie with milk, spinach, mango, cherries, and strawberries, plus some of my baking experiment from the night before. ImageAnd lunch and dinner at school consisted of leftovers from home! YUM.ImageImageNow, I realize this post was really long, so yay if you made it this far! And I promise to be a better blogger and actually post as it happens so it won’t be so bad!

What is your favorite home cooked meal?

6 comments on “Weekend Recap

  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    that yogurt bowl looks sooooo good! is that a muffin?! that’s so cool you want to teach spin. i’ve wanted to take a spin class for a long time but i’m intimidated!

    1. astottler

      Yeah! My roommate made banana nut muffins! Don’t be intimidated! Spin teachers are super nice and helpful! It might be a fun new workout that you can still do with you ankle issue.

    1. astottler

      Definitely 🙂 the best kind!

  2. Health, Love, and Chocolate

    I absolutely love the DIsh trail, I have to say I am pretty jealous you live so close to it! I have yet to run it (I’ve only hiked it) but I definitely want to soon.

    1. astottler

      You definitely should! It’s so beautiful!

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