Today marks the start of Admit weekend! That means over 1000 high school seniors are visiting campus to decide if it is a good match. We have 2 staying in our room. I have yet to meet mine (I met my roommate’s), yet her stuff is in my room….

Let’s do a quick recap of yesterday. I began my morning with an almost 4 mile run. I wore my Garmin, which definitely made me push my pace more, although I am still out of shape.  I was like 7 minutes faster than the last time I ran it when I was first recovering.  I did a quick ab circuit, then ate some eggs and yogurt. ImageFor lunch I got a salad at the salad place. That place is crazy expensive! My salad was $12, which I would never pay for a salad, except for the fact that for me it isn’t “real” money. I can se my meal plan dollars that come with my meal plan, which I always have a ton of extra at the end of the quarter. I saved the other half for dinner (they’re HUGE).Image

Southwest salad with salmon and avocado.

I went to yoga last night as well. Yesterday, I discovered something interesting while doing my reading homework. I do a lot better with my reading (more focused) if I do it while doing yoga/stretching. So yes, today I am sore from doing my homework. I am already getting more flexible though, so I’ll take it!

This morning began with an abs circuit which I found here, and Spin. I also wrote up a Spin class for myself, complete with music, to do later this week. GAH I want to teach Spin so badly! I need to get Spin shoes at some point though…

Breakfast was a classic: yogurt with half a muffin and sunflower seed butter. Plus a mango.ImageI was SO tired this morning. I took a long, very disorienting nap after my 9am class. Lately, I’ve been confused over what day it is. Well, in my dream, I was confused about what day it was. And in my dream it was Admit weekend, and a few other events happened that are happening now. SO confusing. Except in my dream the Admits threw a huge party and got arrested. That hasn’t happened yet. There are a few things I am still trying to decide if I dreamt or read in a half-awake state…nonetheless I woke up quite confused. Lunch was out of my microwave: a scramble with egg beaters, the rest of my spinach, and the rest of my garlic and herb laughing cow. I think a grocery trip this weekend is in order. I think I’m going to go home on Sunday. Not gonna lie, I want to use my home gym and go to my abs class on Monday at home. Image

After my afternoon class, I decided to do some yoga in my room, since I couldn’t go to a class today (I had to pick up my Admits). I whipped up a 20 minute playlist and got to work on the floor in my dorm room. It’s weird, all this stretching has made me crave yoga. I was sitting in my morning class and couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to do more than half moon (I was sore). 

In Psych, we talked about how whatever environment/state you are in when learning something, you will remember the material more if you are in the same environment/state. Since it is a Psych class, it should be acceptable to start doing yoga during a test to help me remember, right?

Dinner was with Admits at our boring dining hall. ImageIt was SUPER crowded. And not that good. Salad, beets, and veggie pot pie filling over brown rice (hey, it’s healthier than with a biscuit, right??). 

Plus lots of snacks today. Probably too many. It’s nearly impossible for me to practice intuitive eating if I’ve eaten anything sweet. I simply cannot detect the signal, which as a future nutrition scientist, is super interesting to me. 

Warning: I am about to nerd-out. 

My hypothesis is that this is related to the fact that fructose (a component of sugar) does not inhibit the hunger hormones when you eat it, meaning it doesn’t make you less hungry. Additionally, leptin is not stimulated, which is the hormone that tells you you are full. This is super interesting to me because this was an effect I’ve read about numerous times, but never really thought about how it felt in myself. I’m totally going out on a limb here, but the feeling I get to simply stop eating (before I even get the feeling of fullness), which is super subtle, by the way, is actually my leptin signal. Cool, right??

Ok, sorry for that tangent! I’ll keep you guys updated on my efforts to convince the Admits to come here!


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  1. Brittany @ DulceVie

    $12 for a salad is pretty pricey! And good luck with your highschooler, hopefully she’s nice!!

    1. astottler

      She seems really nice, but busy! I’ve hardly seen her at all!

  2. Theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine

    I’ve read similar things about fructose and my mind was blown! It makes sense though because usually when I JUST eat a piece of fruit, I end up more hungry that before! So usually I pair my fruit with a protein or fat to keep me full. Not nerding out at all 🙂

    1. astottler

      It’s sooo interesting.

    1. astottler

      For sure!

  3. moderngirlnutrition

    That salad looks awesome! It’s hard to beat a monster salad full of goodies 🙂

    1. astottler

      So true!

  4. sarah

    Yikes…your meals are sooo tiny & low calorie.

    1. astottler

      I definitely don’t blog everything I eat, such as snacks or seconds/thirds! In general smaller meals with regular snacks works for me, and I usually don’t bother blogging snacks.

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