How’s everyone doing this fine weekend? Any fun plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Lot’s of green food for me! 

Now without further ado, let’s launch into this post!ImageYesterday’s breakfast. Peanut butter on toast. Notice: that really isn’t that much peanut butter. Well, as it turns out, laying off nuts for a while seems to make my nut sensitivities stronger. Anyone have experience with this? A couple of hours after this meal I noticed a series of lumps on my face. How crazy is that? I think I need to try to maintain a constant yet small nut intake. 

The only other semi-interesting eat from yesterday is the oatmeal I had at dinner. I knew I was having major sugar cravings, and if I didn’t try to deal with them in at least a semi healthful way, things were going to go down hill in a hurry! My solution? Chocolate oatmeal!Image

I made my typical Banana Oatmeal with a few changes. I was too lazy to add the eggs, and I added vanilla, a touch of brown sugar, and cocoa powder. Then, for fun, I stirred in some semi-sweet chocolate chips. 

That night however, I got to thinking. I’m going to be home for 2 more weeks, which means access to all kinds of food at any time of day (or night). I could envision my eating habits going downhill fast, and that just isn’t a good way to recover quickly. I’v read about the Whole30 before, and I think adopting a cleaner way of eating is a great idea. (If you don’t know Whole30 cuts out grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, and peanuts). It doesn’t make sense for me to do EXACTLY the Whole30 (Easter…hehe), but using some of those eating guidelines could be a great idea. So I went into the next day with a day of Whole30 ahead of me. I grabbed some fruit at breakfast because I wasn’t super hungry, but I whipped up a nice egg scramble for lunch with tons of veggies and avocado.ImageSnach was another piece of fruit. I also went to Whole Foods, looking for some Whole30 compliant eats. And wow. It made me so angry. I read sooo many labels. There was hardly anything I could eat on Whole30. And this is Whole Foods! If I can’t find things there, where can I find them?? There is added sugar in absolutely everything! Out of all the soup in the store, only 1 type was Whole30 compliant. I mean I understand the goal is to eat REAL food, as in “make it yourself” food, but still! For dinner, we picked up a Rotisserie chicken and prepared hot Brocculini. I also grabbed some fresh mango salsa (which was spicy!).ImageI’m so excited it is starting to be mango season again! Manilla mangos (the small yellow ones) are possibly my favorite fruit ever, and I eat them almost constantly when they’re in season! We got some from Costco the other day, and they were on sale at Whole Foods!

One thing about cutting out grains….my sweet cravings go away, because I’m more focused on how I miss bread. I broke down last night and had a bite of macaroni and cheese. So after a trial day, I think I can really make this thing work for me, but with some degree of compromise. I may allow small quantities of dairy, and I won’t beat myself up over a bite of grains, or a special occasion (read: today’s field trip and feast at the Farmer’s Market), but I want to try to maintain the principles as much as possible. This could be the focus and project I need for this break. I really don’t want to compromise on sugar though, but I have gummy vitamins that have sugar. And let’s be honest. I am SO DONE with any type of swallowing pills after being sick for so long, so I’m kind of on the fence about this. Anybody have any thoughts on this new way of eating? I felt pretty good last night, and I really think I can make this work for me.

Any fun plans for St. Patrick’s Day?