Well guys, I’m still sick. I actually had a pretty high fever last night and decided that even if I didn’t have a fever this morning, the workout was not happening. But I still set my alarm and called my coach in the morning. I had a slight fever when I woke up but unfortunately it went back up. Also, when I woke up at 5:45 to call my coach, I was freezing because I was absolutely drenched in sweat. I had to change my PJs, and my bed was soaking. Ew. That’s probably TMI. I don’t even recall being THAT sweaty…though I felt like I was sweating all morning! I had a class cancelled today, so I decided to skip my other section and just stay in all day in an effort to be better tomorrow. So basically I’ve watched Glee and read blogs all morning. Awesome. The thing is, I don’t feel THAT bad. I just have a high temperature. Though to be fair, right now I’m just coming off of advil. My temp is up, but I feel ok. The temperature seems to rise before my body reacts. But hey, I get to update you on my eats! Breakfast this morning:Image

(sorry for the shadow) Chocolate protein smoothie with frozen banana (yes, I took the time to peel it this time), soymilk, cocoa powder, and chocolate protein powder. Breakfast has been getting more creative lately though. There was cuban beans and steak today! I went with some beans and a scoop of pre-made egg scramble. Plus some frozen berries. I was then craving a waffle. Again. (Still am). But I didn’t have one. I decided to try a little experiment. I had a slice of Gluten-free toast with peanut butter. I felt fine after. So I guess it really is the Gluten, not just grains in general. After breakfast I watched Glee and sweated. I also drank some Coconut water. Hydration can’t hurt, and since it’s pineapple coconut water, it has tons of Vitamin C!Image

For lunch, I really wanted frozen yogurt but didn’t want to trek over to the froyo place alone. Maybe dinner! Instead, I went to the dining hall. ImageChicken, jasmine rice, veggies, and totally delicious cinnamon-maple something butternut squash. SO GOOD. I also had some froyo at the dining hall (which wasn’t exactly fully frozen) with a couple of ill-planned cookie. Stupid gluten. But I’m sick! I can’t be bothered with will power! <- bad thought process.

After lunch I read food blogs. And seeing as it’s only 3:30….I’ve been reading more and more about Paleo and I’m becoming so convinced that it is the solution for me. If only I could stick to it! It was definitely easier getting started at home! I also checked out Whole30, and it’s totally something I’d consider this doing this summer, but there’s no way I’d be able to do it at school with limited food choices and in the middle of season. 

I recently made myself a snack, as I was craving more sweets (this is what I get for falling off the Paleo wagon). I vaguely remembered finding a recipe somewhere that made cookies with just peanut butter, honey, and eggs, so I decided to try my hand at a microwave variety. It was delicious! When I figure out the recipe I will post it. I mixed peanut butter and honey and melted them together. Then, I whisked in some almond meal, vanilla, and egg white. 30 seconds in the microwave and I had a delicious treat!Image

Ok, so it’s not the prettiest thing. And I made it in a paper cup, so who knows how this would have come out on a plate. I ate it with a fork. SO GOOD. But then, it occurred to me…how would a chocolate version be? Naturally I had to test it out. Same method as above, but with almond butter instead of pb, and added cocoa powder. Not bad, but I didn’t like it as much as the pb one. Image

This is actually a terrible picture. Sorry! It’s probably not good that I now have the ability to make delicious things right at my fingertips. There’s a reason I don’t keep sweets in my room! And all the nuts I’ve been eating lately….let’s just say my face isn’t too happy!

But don’t worry, I got some veggies in! Guac and carrots!Image

I couldn’t snag any salsa last weekend, but I went home and my mom got me guacamole mix! Perfect! I’m now pretty full though…A light dinner is definitely in order! 

I really do hope I’m better tomorrow. I haven’t been this sick in a long time. I haven’t had a fever in 3 years, and I’m sure it wasn’t this high! What is going on with my body? WHY AM I NOT BETTER YET?

Any Netflix suggestions?

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