Tomorrow is Friday! I leave on my ski trip tomorrow! Yay! So much work to do though…My day today included a lot of food…and I definitely didn’t feel so great. Bah. So I’m just going to go through my food pretty quickly. It wasn’t a terribly healthy day for me, needless to say…

Preworkout was 2 granola balls.


Smoothie, half a whole wheat bagel with blueberry cream cheese, scrambled eggs.Image

Close up on that smoothie! This smoothie was…interesting. I had a plan…my dark chocolate blueberry smoothie. First of all, there were no clean blenders, I had to clean one out myself, which is a little gross given I’m not sure how clean I could have gotten it…plus there were no bananas…which is the base of my smoothie. I threw in blackberries, peaches, plain yogurt milk, spinach, cocoa powder, vanilla protein powder, and a little apple juice (because nothing in here was sweet). Plus a spoonful of peanut butter. It ended up turning out ok…


Caesar salad, sweet potatoes, egg foo young (not really sure what this is), carrots and cabbage, plus something that I really don’t know what it is. The other thing was kind of like tofu…but it wasn’t tofu. Something with an “m” maybe? This meal seemed a little greasy, to be honest. I felt kind of gross after, and this is before I started overeating!Image

Plus a cute little bowl of fruit! I couldn’t figure out for the life of my what station this was, then I realized it was a fancy salad station, where you pick the toppings and they toss it up for you. I’ll have to try that if I see it again! Salads are way better when you don’t toss them yourself…

Ok, now let’s get into the trainwreck…I won’t go into detail…but hey, at least I didn’t break my challenge!



Pb&j crackers…ugh too sweet!Image

Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with cocoa powder? I was out of bananas (but I stole 3 today, mwahahaha) so I addded thawed blueberries to cocoa powder and mixed it up with pb…it’s not as good as you might think…

Plus half a granola bar. That made up my snack! Ugh. Stomachache for practice!


Don’t let the green on that plate fool you…there was a lot of salty greasiness… 

Plus yogurt with raisin bran, mandarin oranges, pb, and cantaloupe. 

And for good measure, back at my room, a granola ball and a banana with cocoa powder and peanut butter….

So I basically don’t feel so hot…My taste buds have been, shall we say, “overstimulated” the past few days. I think I need to just go a while with low salt/low sugar (low cocoa powder…) foods. I’m a little terrified about the foods over ski trip though. I’m not sure what my teammates meant when they said all they ate was cookie dough and cheese…I get the cookie dough, but I don’t know many college students that eat straight cheese…so we shall see…

Speaking of low sugar, I decided this Tuesday will be my day when I eat no added sugar! It would be impossible over ski trip…I’m doing this to raise awareness for all the added sugar in foods people wouldn’t even think of, in honor of Dr. Robert Lustig’s new book, Fat Chance. I’ll be documenting not only what I eat, but also what I don’t eat! It should be fun, so make sure to check it out! If anyone wants to join me, that would be awesome! It’s a great learning experience.

Ok, so back to my day besides food…

This morning was a 2x6k, which is the workout I’ve been dreading most of all. Well, I survived. It wasn’t that bad. I was able to get in the zone and kind of zone out. Unfortunately, my times were not where they should have been. On the positive or negative side, I’m not sure which, I finally realized that in the last 1-2 months I’ve been erging wrong. Or, in better words, I’ve developed a bad habit. Basically, I’ve been pulling only with my arms and not using my legs. So my legs won’t be tired after a workout. The biggest problem with rowing with mostly my arms is if you think about it, arms and much smaller than legs. And therefore aren’t as strong, and tire more easily. Which explains why I’ve gotten slower. So basically I have to really work on using my legs in the next few weeks, because this really needs to be fixed in time for a big erg test.

Yesterday, I talked about how pressed for time I am. In my math section today, I made a list of the things I have to do, and made a schedule for myself to do them by. Lists always make me feel better! Plus, one problem with my workload is I’ll often have a lot of big things lurking in the distance, so I won’t stay up late(ish) to work on them, because I’ll figure I can do that later. With my schedule, I’ll accomplish what I need to do each night. I must admit, I feel better already! (And I have yet to work on any items on my list…)

I don’t have much else to say today. My row on the water felt really good. I haven’t been in a bigger boat in a while, and they’re much more stable! And after practice, I ate dinner with some of the other walk-ons I trained with this fall who either quit or went light-weight, so that was a ton of fun! Here’s to a healthy tomorrow, and have a great weekend everyone!Image

No clue what happened to this…

Do you ever have train wreck days?

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