So sorry that I didn’t post last night! I had to work on a paper, and it was already getting late, plus I knew I’d have to be up early this morning. So here it is:

You know you’re truly a blogger when something in your life happens and the first thing you do is think about how you will describe it on you blog…

So the reason for the delayed post is I had a paper to write last night, and it was getting late as it was. Gahh. So my day?

I woke up at 5:20 and busted my butt to get out to workout as soon as possible, so I would finish my erg in time for a 7 am spin class. Right before I walked out the door (around 5:35) I remembered that nothing opens here until 6. So…if I got inside at 6 there was no way I’d be done by 7, and I’d be stuck waiting outside in the cold…luckily there was someone there who opened up early, but I’m not sure what I’ll do next Tuesday. I certainly don’t want to depend on that! I loved the spin class, as usual. I’ve only been to this instructor’s classes once before, but I really like her music choices. My legs were pretty shot after an hour of erging and 45 minutes of spin, but I pressed on! I still had a 30 minute run! I initially planned to do it on the treadmill, but they were all full or broken, and I didn’t have time to wait around! Instead, I headed out into Winter Wonderland (not sure a few sheets of ice constitutes Winter Wonderland, but I’ll roll with it). The best part? I got to listen to my favorite scientist talk (nerdy, I know), Dr. Robert Lustig. He recently came out with a new book about the dangers of sugar, and he was on NPR’s Science Friday to talk about the book and answer listener questions. Aaaand it was available on my NPR app. And even more perfect, it was 29 minutes. Obviously, it was meant to be. I’ve listened to a ton of sugar podcast while I run in the past, so this was no new experience.

As for the actual run? I took it pretty slow, but powered through and finished. I saw so much ice and frost! I’ve never exactly seen a frozen puddle before so naturally I had to stop and look at every single one, and test if it was frozen.


This one? Well, it was frozen on the surface. Yes, that is my footprint. 

By the end, I was pretty hungry. I just had a few bites of my frozen Peanut Butter Vanilla Protein Bars beforehand, which was hours earlier. I was excited to finally get to a different dining hall for breakfast. Why? I can get some veggies in!


There is an omelette station with all kinds of goodies, so I always snag some spinach for my breakfast sandwich. On my plate: Half a whole wheat english muffin topped with spinach, scrambled eggs and cheddar, and mushrooms (how great would this be with avocado?). I also had some melon, and an unknown type of yellow fruit. One thing was for sure though, it wasn’t ripe! It tasted ok, but was really tough. My theory is that it was pineapple. I also has some pistachios. This dining hall has gone upscale for breakfast lately.


Just look at that fancy shmancy cheese platter!

After breakfast was a shower and then class, and then back to the dining hall for lunch!

The healthier options weren’t all that interesting, so I went with something less on the healthy side, because it looked pretty good!Image

I first filled up half my plate with Asian chicken salad (though I never seemed to find any chicken…), which hit the spot perfectly. I was hoping for something different than the vinaigrette salads I’ve been having lately. So what else is on that plate? Mexican rice, fajita chicken (I skipped the tortilla), a bit of refried beans, and nacho casserole. Plus some sauteed greens. It was really tasty! I saw that someone else had salsa and guacamole on their plate, so I went back and added some after I photographed. I was hankering for something sweet, so I went for a not too sugary alternative.Image

See? That pineapple was actually good, I could totally tell what it was! Plus cinnamon raisin toast with Smart Balance. Seriously, that stuff is so good! I think I may have overdid it a bit on the carbs, but hey, my plate was half veggies, right? By the way, those veggies on my dessert plate were for later. 

I cracked open a mango before practice, and unfortunately it was pretty brown on the inside, but I still got a good 1/2 of it. I hate when I let food go bad, especially in my dorm room, because any food I have that has the capacity to go bad is a treat. I was really angry at myself earlier too because I had to toss 2 oranges because I never put them in the fridge. I also snacked on frozen cherries and a few bites of protein bar. Plus, I made a pb sandwich for later, which just happened to finish the jar, so I naturally had to take care of that. 😉

Since I knew i had a paper to write that evening, I packed a pb sandwich and those veggies which you saw earlier to eat in the van on the way back from practice, so I could go straight to the library. Unfortunately, this plan was foiled when a teammate twisted my arm into eating dinner with her. I figured a few more veggies couldn’t hurt.Image

I also had a few slices of fruit and another slice of cinnamon raisin toast. Unfortunately, this sparked a major carb craving (glucose rollercoaster anyone?) (see glucose post here).

Or maybe it was a result of my no sugar challenge? Either way, back at my room I pulled this baby out of the freezer:Image

Peanut butter banana bread! I want to say this is the recipe I used, but I’m not entirely sure. I used whole wheat pastry flour and and most likely reduced the sugar, although I’m not sure. I really like the texture of the bread. It is nice and oat-y. I love the idea of using oats in banana bread! My only suggestion for improvement might be adding a swirl of peanut butter. So this time I added my own!

After all those carbs, I finally headed to the library, but it was an hour later than I was hoping to get there. Oh well, I finished the paper.

A few notes:

My legs were sooo tired all day when I was biking around!

I think I need to rethink my meal timing. I wasn’t all that hungry at lunch, since it hadn’t really been that long since breakfast. I think that threw me off a little bit. 

And lastly: I promise I’ll do a sugar post soon! Hopefully this weekend!

Any big weekend plans?

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  1. erika

    If you did actually use my recipe for the pb oatmeal banana bread, I’m so glad you liked it!!! When I posted it, I was almost sure it would not be a popular post, but glad to hear at least one person might have tried it! You are such a super healthy eater, props to you!

    1. astottler

      I’m pretty sure that was the one! If not, if was really similar. I love that it has oats, it gives it such a nice, different texture! I think the next time I make regular banana bread, I will try adding oats!

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