Hey everyone! 

I hope you had a great Wednesday! Mine was pretty boring. I’m going to just fly through my meals today. 


Smoothie with 3/4 of a banana, soymilk, plain yogurt, and frozen strawberries and peaches. I topped it with peanut butter. On the side I had some granola, plus half a whole wheat english muffin with strawberry and plain cream cheese. 

I ended up going back for more food.Image

But halfway through I was full so I stopped. The pancakes are never as good as I expect them to be. Probably because I skipped out on syrup (dining hall syrup=disgusting, plus today was my experimental no sugar, sleep better day).



A turkey sandwich with pesto, plus a salad I made for myself last night. The salad had mixed greens, artichoke hearts, tofu, and olive oil and vinegar. I decided to skip the tofu because it was bland and I already had another protein source. I ended up adding the lettuce from the salad to my sandwich to make it more interesting.


Peanut Butter Vanilla Protein bars from yesterday.

Dinner was boring, I just ate some food in my room. Peanut butter sandwich:


x2 plus frozen blueberries. I also snacked on some whole wheat crackers and this trail mix:Image

This trail mix is really interesting. I failed to read the label the first time I tried it and was definitely surprised by the spiciness! This trail mix would probably make a great salad topper as well.

How was my day? I managed to read almost an entire book on my phone today. Which, by the way, is a bad idea. I walked around in a strange daze all day and I felt an intense pull to continue reading, so I couldn’t stop! That will probably be my last for pleasure read of the quarter though because I always really involved in books, and can’t put them down. Plus, reading on a tiny screen for however many hours kind of messes with one’s eyes/brain. I also missed a workout which, long story short, is really bad because it was assigned and we had to report times…I’m definitely going to make ti up but it made me realize I have to be better about scheduling my workouts.

Tomorrow is going to be a death workout early in the morning. It’s a series of mini races on the rowing machine, and it has been known to make people sick. I’m not too concerned bout that happening to me, but I’m still going to eat very light beforehand. I’m glad I had a bland dinner as well, and guess what? No desserts! So it will be interesting to see the impact it has on my sleeping. I’ve also been hydrating like crazy in preparation!

What else is new with me? As I try to work out my new schedule, I’m realizing a few things. Since my meal plan allows me 14 meals a week, I get 2 meals in a dining hall per day (on average). Last quarter, I never came close to using all my meals, partly because I didn’t realize that I had enough time between classes to go to a dining hall for lunch. However, with my new schedule, I’ve realized a few things. 1. The dining hall food is probably worst at dinner time. 2. Smoothies are delicious, and I’ve started to crave them for breakfast over oatmeal in my room. 3. By the time I get back from practice in the evening, all my dorm friends have already eaten so it’s not like dinner is a social event. 4. It’s way harder for me to resist sweets in the dining hall at dinner than at lunch.

So, taking all this into consideration, I think I’m going to plan on fending for myself more for dinner. This will take some planning and a lot of creativity, so hopefully I can give you all some delicious recipes that use pantry/fridge staples! I already have a few ideas. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Andrea

    Good job with the food discipline!

  2. Andrea

    You’ve inspired me to make smoothies for breakfast. I find it a tough meal to face, especially before I’ve had coffee!

    1. astottler

      Smoothies are the best! They’re super easy, and once you get the hang of it, you can add tons of different things and it will be great every time!

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