I’m finally back at school! It feels good to be back. Before I got here, I didn’t feel ready to be back, but now I couldn’t be happier! Classes start tomorrow, along with my new practice schedule. I’m a little bit nervous for it. My schedule is basically full from 6 in the morning until 7 at night.

First, I need to remark: my internet connection here is amazing! My photos uploaded so fast! Even faster than at home. It’s awesome. A note: I have already lost 3 blog posts due to poor internet connection, and had to completely rewrite them (yesterday’s included). So I’m pretty happy about this. How was my day?

I woke up at 4:40 in order to get on the road. I slept for the first 2 hours, which was nice. Then, we stopped at Starbucks to switch drivers and grab breakfast.



I had a Spinach and Feta egg white wrap and a strawberry smoothie. The wrap was good but the smoothie wasn’t my favorite. I could taste the protein powder a little too much. 

Not of lot of excitement happened on the trip. Lunch was at Subway:



Turkey with avocado, spinach, and tomatoes. This used to be my go-to meal during softball tournaments! I was happy to be able to have some healthy meals while on the road! During the trip I also had a couple of bars and a handful of peanut butter M&Ms.

Overall, we made really good time! Only 7.5 hours, including 2 stops! I pretty much read a book on my phone the whole time. It was a nice ride. When I got back, I had to unpack everything, some of which I still need to do. I had to go fill up my bike tires as well, which was interesting, considering I know absolutely nothing about bikes. I went with a friend, and neither of us was able to figure out how to put air in my tires, but luckily a nice person waiting in line behind us helped us out! I spent the erst of the afternoon figuring out textbooks and catching up with my dorm friends.

I’ve noticed a change in myself since I went to camp. I’m more talkative and confident. It’s really interesting how a week and a half trip can change you. I don’t really understand it. 

Another awesome thing: I ordered a calendar from Costco, with photos of my cats on it, and I just got it!



Since I’m realizing I never shared a photo of my room, here one from the very first day, before my pictures started falling off the walls (seriously, NOTHING sticks to these walls).



I’m realizing I never shared my avocados with you! I have an avocado plant in my room, which I sprouted from a pit! I absolutely love my avocado, it’s my baby. Hey, if I can’t have pets, I have to have something! Here it is as a baby:



And here is a more recent picture!


Unfortunately, my avocado lived in the garage while I was home, and didn’t get enough sun, so it is looking pretty brown right now. Hopefully being back at its normal location will fix the problem! This picture is from the summer, when it was still living outside. I have another one as well, but I think they’re different varieties, and the other one needs more sun than my dorm room can provide, so it lives outside at home. Unfortunately, it has been so cold lately that I’ve had to bring them into the garage.

After getting mostly settled, I headed out to dinner! I actually kind of missed the dining hall! DInner was pretty good today, I had some type of tofu dish that was maybe vaguely teriyaki, which was overall pretty good, but the tofu itself wasn’t great (it almost never is here). It was vaguely fried without much flavor. I had that over brown rice, and caesar salad, which I was really excited for, because I’ve been wishing forever that my local dining hall would have prepared salads, and this was the first time they did! 



I ended up going back for a piece of garlic bread, and some dim sum chicken thing (the lines were super long when I got there, but empty when I returned), which were both  pretty tasty. 



I couldn’t give up on my cereal for dessert thing I have going, so I ate some raisin bran with chocolate milk and peanut butter. I also had a couple of chocolate chip cookies. I’m realizing that I probably shouldn’t be eating 3 plates of food every meal now that I’m back from training camp and working out every minute, because I’m totally stuffed! 

I also stole a couple of bananas from the dining hall. Bananas are a big thing here, the moment there are put out, everyone instantly grabs them up to take back to their rooms for later. 

Tomorrow morning I have weights for the first time, which I am pretty excited for. I love lifting, but I’m also a bit nervous because I have no idea what is in store for me. Wish me luck tomorrow!

How do you feel about starting something new?