Tomorrow is my last day of camp! Hard to believe, isn’t it? It seems as if I’ve been here forever! This morning I got to sleep in a little. We didn’t leave until 8 today to go row, so I ate breakfast at the hotel. While toasting my whole wheat bread I had a bite of cinnamon raisin bagel but decided it wasn’t what I wanted. Instead, I topped my toast with a hardboiled egg, plus some cream cheese to fill in the edges. On the side was a banana.






I had bran cereal with chocolate Silk soymilk and peanut butter. I’m loving the chocolate peanut butter combo! I liked this with the bran cereal even better than whatever random cereal I used last time. The ceral this time really soaked up the chocolate, giving it more delicious chocolatey flavor!
After dinner, a couple of teammates and I had to rehearse for the team talent show. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I performed an interpretive dance while singing Justin Beiber. But hey, I rocked it! (Not by myself of course, there were 6 of us!) We were a big hit!
After a fun talent show, a few teammates and I headed out to the gas station next to our hotel to get snacks. My teammates decided on ice cream bars but I wanted something a little healthier, so I bought a cherry almond chocolate Nature Valley bar the I wanted to try, and I ended up eating a Special K double chocolate protein bar that I stole from the cafeteria. By stole, I mean took home from the cafeteria. So it’s not technically stealing but I always feel so mischievous taking food back from a cafeteria or dining hall. So I may in the future refer to my actions as stealing, but I’m not doing anything illegal, don’t worry! The best bars at the cafeteria are the Special K bars, both peanut butter chocolate and double chocolate. These aren’t typically the granola bars I would buy for myself, as they are a bit higher in sugar that I usually like for a bar, but given the amount of sweet food and junk food lately, they make a tasty and healthier snack or dessert. Another dessert I’ve been having lately is cereal with chocolate milk and peanut butter. I’m trying slowly to wean myself away from so much sugar, just because I’ve eaten so much sugar lately. This goes back to listening to my body. Does my body really need that extra dessert? How will I feel if I eat that extra dessert? If the answer is fine, then I want to go for it. But if I know my body will complain, I’d rather pass it up.
I am a walk-on rower, so I’m starting the season behind everyone. I have a lot of work ahead of me to start closing the gap, and I want to do everything possible to do this. I know nutrition can play a huge role in improving my fitness, so that will be a major focus in the months to come. I also intend on putting in extra work where I can. I am being presented with an awesome opportunity to be a collegiate athlete at a Division 1 school, and I want to make the most of it!

How well do you listen to your body?

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