If I sound annoyed or angry, it’s because I spent an hour typing up my post and this STUPID blogging site decided to erase the entire thing. And those stupid photos take forever to load.

I can’t believe it is already my last day home! Tomorrow I am leaving for training camp. I’m excited for training camp but physically I know it will be very difficult (we have 3 workouts a day). I am additionally a little bit worried because over the holidays I haven’t worked out as much as I normally do, and I definitely haven’t eaten as well as I normally do, so I haven’t been feeling that well lately. But I guess part of the point of training camp is to kick my butt into gear! Still, I am going to miss being home. It’s amazing, after being home for just a little while, it feels like I never left.

This morning I actually remembered to take a picture of my breakfast for probably the first time!


Well, sort of. I remembered half way through breakfast and ran upstairs to grab my camera. Breakfast was a smoothie with half a banana, frozen mango, cherries, and strawberries, and milk and greek yogurt. Topped with Kind blueberry vanilla granola and a spoonful of peanut butter. What kind of peanut butter do I use?

Trader Joe’s!Image

This is my favorite peanut butter! I used to use Whole Foods’s brand of unsweetened creamy, but they changed the formula so I had to find a new love. I love my new peanut butter but it is a bit runny and needs to be refrigerated.

After breakfast I headed to the gym to lift weights with my trainer. These workouts are definitely one thing I miss when I’m at school. Here’s today’s workout:

Warm up Cleans

1 hang power clean and 1 hang full clean every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

3 deadlifts with a 3 second pause at the top, but only going to right above the knee

Conditioning (yayy):

10 single arm kettle bell snatches on each arm

15 wall ball throws (throw the ball up at the wall)

250 m row

For time, 5 sets. Rest is between each set, the same amount of time it took to do the set.

This was difficult for me! I was definitely panting at the end, and a little shaky.

After my workout, I went home and made myself lunch. I made a salad with baby kale, lettuce, tofu, avocado, and a bit of leftover egg veggie scramble.


I topped it with Feta Greek Salad Dressing.


On the side, I drank Chai tea (from Teavanna).


For dessert, I enjoyed a slice of leftover French Toast Souffle.


After lunch, my mom and I headed out to Sports Authority to use a gift card I got for Christmas and to stock up on spandex. I love all the bright colors! I must say, I am definitely a Nike girl. 🙂


After that we stopped at the mall, and then I headed back to the gym to go to a Spin class with one of my favorite instructors. That’s another thing I miss when I’m at school! Dinner was cheese souffles with mushrooms and brussels sprouts (I looove brussels sprouts), all from Cooking Light. This has to be one of my all time favorite meals. When asked what I wanted to have for dinner on my last night home, I instantly selected this.


For dessert, I enjoyed another small slice of French Toast Souffle, along with a persimmon.


After dinner, my family settled on the couch to watch TV with our kitties.


This truly is the best.

As a snack while watching TV, a sampled a few new granola/protein bars that I bought at Whole Foods the other day. The winners were the Think Thin German Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Mint Coconut. SO GOOD.

Overall, it was a really cozy night. As I type this post, I am on the coach wearing a homemade Snuggie (my friend actually MADE a snuggie for me!), though sadly my kitties have left. What better to do on a cold, rainy night?

All I have to do before my trip is pack! I hope everyone had a great day!

How do you feel after the holidays?