Hey everyone!

I’m finally home for the holidays! I want to take this time off to make some serious progress on this blog. And enjoy time with my little helper….Image

I’m so excited to be home with my pets again (and family). I’m hoping to really figure out blogging over my break. I’m also enjoying a lot of down time after a busy quarter.

One thing I missed when I was at school was food freedom. There were certain things I couldn’t really have at school, since I had no way to make them for myself. It’s so nice to see some type of food on another blog and just make it! It’s definitely something I took for granted before I left. 

Breakfast this morning was an egg and veggie scramble with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, bruschetta, and cheddar, topped with avocado. Sadly, I did not get a picture. I am getting a little better about taking pictures of my food, but it is going to take some getting used to. Just to keep this fun I’ll share a couple of shots from the past week.


Asparagus soup with homemade whole wheat bread in the bread maker. Topped with Smart Balance. SO good.


Christmas cookies! (Sorry for the poor picture quality.) Have you ever made Spritz cookies? My family makes them every year. They are made with a cookie press, and they have a slightly almondy flavor. Plus, they’re so much fun to decorate! We tried the chocolate variation for the first time this year. They were good, but not really that different than the regular kind. My favorite ones are the green cookies though. 

Ok, when getting out the toppings for our cookies, I came across these in the pantry. Image

When I tried them, I knew I had to share them with you guys! They are basically broken bits of Trader Joe’s regular peppermint bark and they are so good! It’s a great way to satisfy ones sweet tooth with something small.

As far as workouts go, I haven’t posted much about them in the past. Yesterday was 80 minutes on the rowing machine, my longest row yet! I’m trying to work my way up to be ready for the season. I followed that my 20 minutes of abs. This morning I lifted weights with a trainer at my gym. I love coming back to my gym at home. Everything is so familiar and comfortable, and much less crowded than the gym at school. I also miss all my classes and instructors at the gym! I’m pumped to return to a spin class tonight!

Hope all is well for everyone!

Do you have a favorite type of Christmas cookie?