I’m back! If you’re reading my second post, I am ever more ecstatic! I was planning on posting this about a week or so after I wrote it because I wanted to try my hand at writing posts a little before I completely jump into everything, but I’m so excited about this blog that I just couldn’t wait! I have already been practicing taking pictures of my food! I didn’t get a ton of pictures, but here is one I did manage to get!

Chocolate mint smoothie, before I added cocoa powder. The green is from spinach. Adding spinach to smoothies is my new favorite thing, you can’t even taste it! Into the blender went a frozen banana, vanilla almond milk, cocoa powder, spinach, a little honey, and peppermint extract. The result? A little too much peppermint. Ok, a lot too much. The smoothie was SUPER minty and I couldn’t actually taste anything else besides the mint…oops. However, I think this idea has potential!


I also did make rice crispies yesterday 🙂 I used brown rice cereal, and just made the recipe on the rice crispies website, and added holiday M&Ms. I partly wanted to make this because I got marshmallows at Halloween with every intention of making popcorn balls, but when Halloween came I was too lazy. Speaking of lazy, I truly believe that laziness is the mother on invention. So here’s an idea: don’t have a microwave safe mixing bowl to heat your marshmallows (I didn’t), or too lazy to do dishes? Enter creativity! I spread my marshmallows on a sheet of waxed paper and microwaved them on that, and then added them to my mixing bowl. But if you do choose to do this, make sure to watch them so that you don’t end up with marshmallow goop all over the microwave! And seeing as it is my roommate’s microwave, I don’t think she would appreciate that much. Anyway, the rice crispy treats turned out well and after a few minutes in my dorm’s lounge, they were totally gone.


On a similar note, as a lazy college student, I can offer all kinds of tips on how to avoid washing dishes, or avoid using dishes in the first place. Right now, I have been eating nearly everything out of paper cups with plastic forks because I am out of nearly everything else, or I simply want to avoid dishes. Mug cake in a plastic cup? Sure! Sliced apples? Why not! Life was certainly easier back before I ran out of paper plates…but seeing as I am going home in less than a week, there’s no point in buying them now! Hopefully you enjoyed hearing about my dish sagas! I better get my butt studying!

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